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Date : July 18, 2017

Scientific Basis for Defining Seniors as 75 or Older (Dr. Yasuyoshi OUCHI, M.D., Ph.D, President of Toranomon Hospital)

post date : 2017.06.30

The definition of seniors as 65 years old or older is based on a World Health Organization opinion from 1956, and in January 2017 the Japan Gerontological Society and the Japan Geriatrics Society proposed that Japan should become the first country to define seniors as 75 years old or older.


The FPCJ has invited former Japan Geriatrics Society chairman and head of the working group on the definition of seniors that made this proposal, Dr. Yasuyoshi Ouchi (M.D., Ph.D, President of Toranomon Hospital), to discuss this proposal which he says is “based on science, not just some slogan.” He will explain the proposal using the latest data on seniors’ health and physical capabilities.


Dr. Ouchi’s article: The Future of Japan’s Elderly (FPCJ "Magazine Articles of the Month")

Date: July 18 (Tue), 2017, 14:00-15:30

Place: Foreign Press Center Japan (6th fl., Nippon Press Center Bldg.)

Language: Japanese (with consecutive English interpretation)


*Embassy representatives and FPCJ supporting members may also attend the briefing as observers 

    (admission free).

*No car park is available. Please use a nearby car park if you come by car.


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