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Thank you for visiting our website. The Foreign Press Center Japan ( FPCJ ) works to assist news gathering by the foreign press in Japan and the sending out of information from Japan to other countries. This information includes, for example, preparing for large-scale disaster in light of the lessons learned from 3.11; overcoming environmental pollution and the effects on human health; tackling the declining birth rate and the aging of the population; cutting-edge technology; traditional culture, and value system. We would like to deliver and share with the world Japan’s experiences and strong points.
Even though information from Japan is said to be decreasing in quality and quantity, we will keep up our efforts to bring “Japan as it really is” to the world through our networking with foreign media and our accumulated know-how. We hope to give in-depth understanding of Japan, and help create an international society where people respect different cultures and values. We also aim to make a difference in global peace and development.
Kiyotaka Akasaka

Organization (As of October 1, 2014)

Council non-permanent (names in alphabetical order) Keiko Chino / Journalist
Sadaaki Numata / Chairman, English-Speaking Union
Hatsuhisa Takashima / Chairman, Japan ICT Fund
Toshio Tatsuma / Visiting Professor, Meisei University
Toshihiko Uji / Advisor, Tokyo Shimbun / Chunichi Shimbun
Ko Yamaguchi / Special Advisor, Strategic Planning Office, Kyodo News
Itaru Yasui / Honorary Advisor, National Institute of Technology and Evaluation
Board of Directors President Kiyotaka Akasaka / Former Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information, United Nations
non-permanent (names in alphabetical order) Nobuyoshi Aoyama / Secretary-General, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Masahiko Ishizuka / Trustee, Nishimachi International School
Akira Kawashima / Managing Director, Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association
Yoshinori Nakai / Managing Director, Japan National Press Club
Akio Nomura / Former Executive Director, Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership
Auditor non-permanent Chihiro Tsukada / Ex-President, Association of Nikkei & Japanese Abroad
Secretariat Secretary-General
Director, Strategic Communications Division
Director, Media Relations Division
Director, Finance and Accounting Division

(As of May 27, 2015)

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