Assistance for Individual reporting

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FPCJ helps foreign journalists make practical arrangements for news gathering and filming based on their requests. We arrange interviews with Japanese government officials, people in private companies and organizations, scholars, critics, and artists, as well as on-site reporting of manufacturing plants, research institutes, sports and cultural facilities.
If requested, we also provide advice and information on possible interviewees and places to cover, hiring interpreters, assistants and camera crews, or renting filming equipment and transportation.
FPCJ, as a non-profit organization, provides assistance for news reporting only; we are unable to support production of advertisement articles, commercial films, or entertainment programs.

How to Use the service

Apply through the application form, preferably one month, at least two weeks, before your arrival in Japan or the start of your news gathering activities. We may not be able to help you, if your request comes at such short notice as one week before. Before you apply, please read carefully “Guide for Reporting in Japan”.

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