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Date : March 23, 2021

Video report: Tax Reform in Japan after COVID-19—Will Inequality Be Reduced? (Dr. Shigeki Morinobu, Research Director, The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research)

post date : 2021.03.26

The tax reform package for the 2021 fiscal year is expected to be passed by the end of March. The package includes extending residential and vehicle tax cuts intended to lessen the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as new corporate tax breaks to encourage digitalization and carbon-free initiatives once the pandemic is over. Although the reforms will expand tax cuts related to businesses and people’s daily lives, they have been criticized as lacking measures to deal with future issues such as the environment, and in correcting the income and wealth gap which has grown even wider during the pandemic.


What measures will be necessary in Japan to correct inequality after COVID-19? The FPCJ invited Dr. Shigeki Morinobu, research director at the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research and a former senior official of the Ministry of Finance, to discuss this topic. 


The briefing had a total of 13 participants including journalists from Denmark, Russia and the US.

Handouts (English ver.)   Handouts (Japanese ver.)

■Date: March 23 (Tue), 2021

■Briefer: Dr. Shigeki Morinobu, Research Director, The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research

■Language:  Japanese, with consecutive English interpretation


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