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Date : November 18, 2020

Video report: Housing Conditions and Real Estate Market in Japan (Mr. Yoichi Ikemoto, Editor in Chief, Recruit Housing Info Magazine SUUMO)

post date : 2020.11.25

With remote work becoming more common due to the COVID-19 pandemic and increased amounts of time being spent at home, people in Japan have begun to place a higher emphasis on size, number of rooms, and usability when choosing a home, with more people willing to sacrifice being close to a train station. People living in rental housing have been showing greater interest in affordable detached homes in the suburbs, with higher levels of consumer activity than average from the summer to fall this year.

What will happen with these changes in lifestyle and how homes are chosen moving forward? Will things revert to how they were, or remain changed? The FPCJ invited Mr. Yoichi Ikemoto, editor in chief of Recruit Sumai Company’s SUUMO magazine, to speak about how housing conditions and the real estate market in Japan is changing due to COVID-19 pandemic, using data and specific examples. 

The briefing was attended by journalists from France, Germany, Indonesia, South Korea, Switzerland, US, and others.


Handouts (Japanese ver. only)

■Date: November 18 (Wed), 2020, 10:00-11:30

■Briefer: Mr. Yoichi Ikemoto, Editor in Chief, Recruit Housing Info Magazine SUUMO

■Language: Japanese, with consecutive English interpretation


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