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Date : October 27, 2011

Video Report: Low Carbon City – Yokohama City Press Tour (October 27, 2011)

post date : 2013.08.24





Yokohama City is promoting anti-global warming measures, trying to become a most-advanced environmentally friendly city and achieve a low carbon society by drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


The tour visited Yokohama Municipal Kohoku Elementary School and covered an environmental class given by a non-profit organization, the Soft Power Project. The class is part of the environmental education project Yokohama is carrying out in cooperation with the NPO. The students enjoyed learning about natural energy through driving a solar car and other activities.


The tour also covered the test demonstration of a future-oriented ultra-compact vehicle in the Yamate Motomachi area, one of the best-known tourist spots in Yokohama. It was Japan’s first test demonstration of the two-seater electric car, developed by Nissan Motors. The car is easy to drive for anyone and anywhere, even on steep slopes and narrow roads. In this fiscal year, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism designated Yokohama City as a test demonstration area for city building making extensive use of eco-cars. The YOKOHAMA Mobility “Project ZERO,” which Yokohama City and Nissan have been working on together, is now drawing public attention.

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