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Date : October 7, 2011

Video Report: San-in Region Press Tour/Tottori Prefecture (October 7, 2011)

post date : 2013.08.24





 Mr. Daisuke Izawa, President, Morinokuni Ltd.
"A downhill cycling course is one of our guided eco-tours.This tour takes you by bicycle from the ski ground, which is 850 meters above sea level, down to the sea. The course stretches about 20km to 25km. The other guided eco-tour is beech forest trekking. You might not be able to fully enjoy it without a guide. In our eco-tour, we can guide you through the forest so you can get the most out of it."
Mr. Keisei Sumida, President, Kamidai company Ltd.
"We use fountainhead water, not affected by household effluents at all, for producing “Gohyakumangoku,” a kind of rice grown especially for sake. We brew doburoku (unrefined sake) with it. Only 180 people live in this mountainous community, consisting of 69 households, and 45% of the population is aged 65 or older. It is a typical village facing a declining birthrate and aging population. We are trying to revitalize the community with this facility. We built a brewery on a former primary school ground and renovated the school building into a farmer’s restaurant for welcoming visitors."
 "Right now, the village is facing a declining birthrate and aging population. We never give up bringing up young successors to take over, who love this area as they do their life."
Mr. Takao Ishimura, President of NPO Daisen Nakaumi Tourist Organization (Daisen Kingdom)
"It is said the abundant and clean water of Mt. Daisen is good for producing good sake and food. We call it Mt. Daisen’s harvest."

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