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Date : August 3, 2012

Video Report: Press Tour “The New Era of Agriculture: Sustainable and Competitive Agriculture Developed by Youth Power” (August 3, 2012)

post date : 2013.08.24





Mr. Hiroshi Koizumi, Koizumi Farm, Kawasaki City
“The vegetables consumed in Japan right now are mostly well-known vegetables. Consumers are happy to buy those.
But we are cultivating new kinds of vegetables one after another because there will be a great demand for a new vegetable once it gathers attention through a TV program.” 
Professor Tamotsu Takemoto, School of Agriculture, Meiji University
“Young farmers are making farming rather trendy. Farmers nowadays make a choice to become farmers. Therefore, people who were born in a farm household and who have chosen to become farmers are full of vitality. That’s why agriculture is appealing.” 
Mr. Masahiko Tamaki, Director, Meiji University’s Kurokawa Farm
“In Japan, faculties of agriculture are very popular among students right now.
This farm has facilities including the most up-to-date agricultural technology used in urban areas, farmland for conventional farming, and farmland for organic agriculture which is popular these days, for students to practice a wide range of farming.” 

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