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Date : October 31, 2008

Video Report: October 31, 2008【“Fishery Resources in Shizuoka” Press Tour (Yaizu Marine Fisheries High School)】

post date : 2013.08.23

The Yaizu Marine Fisheries High School has eighty-six years of tradition. It is the first fisheries school in Japan designated for the “Aspire to be a Specialist! (Super Specialized Upper Secondary Schools)” program by the Education Ministry. The school fosters specialists for the fishing industry



Katsuji Hasegawa, Principal
The operation of this school has two major aspects. One is the mission of this school; providing human resources to the fishing industry in Yaizu. The second point is our educational method. To put it bluntly, high schools in Japan are preparatory schools for universities. I think that does not always achieve educational goals. It is necessary for the students to understand and give full play to or make use of their acquired knowledge. We have the designation of the Education Ministry for this educational philosophy and are now working on it. 


We are studying food processing, and every week we practice making such products as canned tuna. The canned tuna we produce in this school was originally developed in this training room about eighty years ago. When we can tuna, internal organs and other waste are also produced. Utilizing such byproducts and waste, we are now making these fish sauces. 


“Fish Paradise Uokoku (Fish Country)” is a mock venture company operated by the students themselves. Every November they open an outlet store in a local shopping street and sell their original products. 


This “Yaizu-shi Kassei-ka (revitalization) Sandwich” is made from bonito which students caught during a training run at sea. We sell this sandwich at local festivals and events. It is so popular that it always sells out.  

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