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Date : October 31, 2008

Video Report: October 31, 2008【“Fishery Resources in Shizuoka” Press Tour (Thermal Effluent Research Center)】

post date : 2013.08.23


The Shizuoka Prefectural Thermal Effluent Utilization Research Center is playing a central role in the prefecture’s fish-farming business. Utilizing thermal effluent (warm sea water) from the adjacent Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station, the center produces such fish as red sea bream and Japanese flounder, and releases them into the sea


Toshiaki Horiuchi, Director, Thermal Effluent Utilization Research Center
First of all, there is a nuclear power station near here, providing us with warm sea water. Every day they provide 15,000 tons of warm sea water and the same amount of cold sea water. This center was established about 30 years ago to increase the fish resources in this coastal area, by utilizing this warm water. 


“No More Ghost Fish”
In 2005 the center succeeded for the first time in a complete cycle of farming kue (grouper), which has dropped almost out of existence in recent years. This year the center produced and released 13,000 kue fry into the sea. 


(Toshiaki Horiuchi, Director, Thermal Effluent Utilization Research Center)
We would like Omaezaki kue to be known to the people not only in Shizuoka but all over Japan since a new airport will soon open in Shizuoka. This is a prefectural public facility, so our prime objective is to increase the fishery resources in the sea. We have proved technical feasibility of farming kue by using warm sea water, and the popularity of kue among tourists will also be proved this season. Maybe in the future kue should be raised in larger scale with the initiative of private sector. It is not necessary for us to produce more kue here, but we are quite happy to provide our knowledge and techniques to those who want to do it. 


Kaisen Nabura Ichiba in Omaezaki City is one of the 12 facilities in the city which serve kue to the tourists. 


Yuichi Ito, General Manager, Omaezaki Kaisen Nabura Ichiba
Kue is very popular. Last year they produced about two tons of farmed kue. In February it attracted great attention from our customers and it was all sold out in March. 

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