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Date : October 16, 2008

Video Report:October 16, 2008【IWATE Press Tour (Hiraizumi becomes an International Tourism Site)】

post date : 2013.08.23

~Big challenges and issues of small towns: "Co-existence with nature" beyond time and space, nurtured by the earth and people in Iwate~


■Hiraizumi becomes an International Tourism Site (October 16, 2008)



(Voice: Mr. Nobutane Chiba, World Heritage Promotion Office, Hiraizumi-cho)


Hiraizumi is a place for sightseeing. We have a hope that this place can be upgraded from domestic to international tourism through its touristic elements. 



- Mr. Kunio Onodera, Chairman of Hiraizumi Tourism Association


I believe it is important to let World Heritage and tourism live together. There is a sense of unity among the local people about World Heritage. I am very happy about this. Then, I think there will be an atmosphere unique to Hiraizumi, and this is most important. 



- Mr. Takebobu Sato, representative, Chusonji-dori Youth Association “Mutsumi-Kai”


As a person living in Hiraizumi, I feel that we must study more during the next three years. We hope we will be able to communicate naturally with tourists from home and abroad without being pretentious.



- Mr. Yuya Sasaki, Hidehiranuri Oochiya


I personally produce Hidehiranuri. The traditional crafts industry is now facing a very difficult time. This is partly because we have not released enough information until now.  


So I plan to release more and more information by doing workshop tours and explaining about the process and sales of Hidehiranuri through the Internet.  



- Mr. Kazuo Takahashi, Mayor of Hiraizumi-cho


It is said that value is universal. So I think the registration was postponed, not because Hiraizumi’s heritage is not valuable, but because the description of it was somewhat insufficient. If we can describe it sufficiently, I believe it will certainly be registered. We will work together and do our best, so I hope you will support us. 

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