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Date : March 29, 2016

News Reports by Participants: Toyama City Press Tour

post date : 2016.06.08

Ahead of the G7 Environment Ministers Meeting held in May this year, a press tour was held to environmentally-friendly Future City Toyama to cover initiatives for converting local resources into energy used for agriculture and other purposes. This press tour was sponsored by Toyama City and Toyama Television Broadcasting, with planning cooperation by the FPCJ. Eight journalists participated in the tour, from China, Germany, Taiwan, the USA, and Vietnam.


-Click here for further details on the tour
-Click here for a log of real-time updates from during the tour


Below are some of the articles and programs produced by the journalists based on this press tour.




Asia Pacific Daily(Hong Kong/Web)
[Article] April 30, 2016
活用本地资源 应对人口老龄化 ——日本富山县发展小农经济的探索


Economic Daily News (China/Newspaper)
[Article] April 7, 2016
日本工业化农场经营成效显著 维护成本不高


Economy (China/Magazine)
[Article] May 4, 2016


Vietnam TV(Vietnam/TV)
[Video] April 12, 2016
Nhật Bản phát triển thủy điện nhỏ cho nông nghiệp 

[Article] April 12, 2016



Forbes Asia (U.S.A./Web)
[Article 1]  March 30, 2016
Toyama Goes Back To The Future To Create An Eco-Techno-friendly City


[Article 2] April 6, 2016
Eco-Friendly Toyama Firm Turns A Quick Buck On Gardening Side Project

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