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Date : October 23, 2015

Report on Japan: Yokohama Press Tour

post date : 2016.01.26

The Yokohama press tour covered the efforts of an area working towards a multinational society and a nursing home which hires foreign workers who came to Japan based on Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA). The tour was hosted by Yokohama City, with the FPCJ’s cooperation in planning and operation. Twelve journalists from nine countries and regions (the USA, Germany, Switzerland, France, Kazakhstan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Vietnam) participated in this press tour.

- More details on the tour available here

- Reports on the tour available here

- Click here for a log of real-time updates from during the tour


Below are some of the articles and programs produced by the journalists based on this press tour.



The Huffington Post Japan (USA/Web)

[Article] November 13, 2015

クラスの半数以上が「外国につながる」児童 共生進む横浜いちょう団地



24KZ (Kazakhstan/TV)

[Video ] November 8, 2015

Как относятся к мигрантам и беженцам в Японии



Dragon TV (China/TV)

[Video] October 24, 2015




United Daily News (Taiwan/Newspaper)

[Article/Video] November 3, 2015




United Daily News (Taiwan/Newspaper)

[Article/Video] November 4, 2015

日本長照缺口 苦等外勞



The Korea Economic Daily (Korea/Newspaper)

[Article] October 27, 2015
6개 국어로 표기된 아파트단지 게시판 보셨나요



The Korea Economic Daily (Korea/Newspaper)

[Article] October 28, 2015

간호복지사 외국서 '수입'하는 일본

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