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Date : September 5 - 6, 2013

Reports on Japan: “Ama”Woman Divers Aim at Catching UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

post date : 2013.09.30

The ama press tour in Toba City and Shima City in Mie Prefecture was held hosted by the Council for Ama Promotion, with FPCJ’s cooperation in planning and operation. This tour had 11 journalists from China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, France, Germany, and Italy.


In this page, we will introduce some of articles and programs produced by the journalists based on the press tour.


The Dong-A Ilbo(Korea/News Paper)

September 9, 2013


『일본 아마, 제주 해녀


Le Monde (France/ News Paper)

September 14, 2013

『Au Japon, la disparition des "femmes de la mer"』 (only a part of the article is available)


AFP (France/News Agency)

September 24. 2013

The journalist of AFP dived together with the ama to film the dynamic scene of the fishing in the sea. These news videos were published around the world including local TV stations in the US, France, Spain,Canada, Singapore, Pakistan and Inde, etc.

Japan's ageing 'ama' divers defy tide of time

『Amas: ces mamies japonaises qui pêchent en apnée』








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