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Date : March 21 - 31, 2012

Report: Fellowship Program: Mr. Richard Read, The Oregonian (March 21-31, 2012)

post date : 2013.08.21

For two weeks right after the earthquake and tsunami in April 2011, Mr. Read visited disaster affected areas to cover the current situation. In particular, he spent three days at the Onagawa municipal hospital, where its doctors and nurses were working under severe conditions with all lifelines cut off. 


During his visit to Japan this time, by interviewing people he met a year ago and some others, as well as actually seeing the reconstruction situation, he hoped to write articles with much context and depth. 


After reporting in more than 50 countries and covering wars and other natural disasters, Mr. Read was saying that he will never forget the people of Tohoku, what they endured and their resilience. 


His articles will be carried in the Oregonian by judging the best timing in relation to international and domestic news.

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