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Date : January 13 - 23, 2014

Report: Fellowship Program: Mr. Nathan VanderKlippe, Beijing Bureau Chief, The Globe and Mail

post date : 2014.05.09

Mr. Nathan VanderKlippe, Beijing Bureau Chief of The Globe and Mail, visited Japan from January 13 to 23, 2014, under the FPCJ Fellowship Program.  The Globe and Mail is Canada’s largest national newspaper in circulation.

 *Photo: Mr. VanderKlippe (right, with FPCJ President Akasaka)Mr. VanderKlippe (right, with FPCJ President Akasaka)


Mr. VanderKlippe mainly covered Japan’s import of natural gas from Canada.  His topics also included the newspaper industry of Japan, the influence of Japanese pop culture and others.  As Beijing Bureau Chief, he also focused on China-Japan relations, security and other related issues.  


The Globe and Mail carried the following articles based on this coverage:


1. “In Japan, an LNG revolution looks to Canada” (January 21, 2014)        



2. “Japanese diplomats hard at work to mend frayed relations with China” (January 30, 2014)



3.“Japan’s thriving newspaper industry slow to learn from Western collapse” (February 11, 2014)


※“Video: In Tokyo, the classic world of newspapers is alive and well, but for how long? ” (February 14, 2014)



4.“Can Japan recapture its cool?  A country’s government-backed multimillion-dollar bet” (February 15, 2014)



5.“What made this connoisseur rent a second apartment?  A 2,000-bottle whisky collection” (February 19, 2014)


6.“Abe reimagines Japan’s past – and present” (March 23, 2014)





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