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Date : July 9 - 15, 2023

Fellowship Program: The Telegraph Journalist Nicola Smith (UK)

post date : 2023.08.08

As part of the 2023-2024 FPCJ Fellowship Program, Ms. Nicola Smith, Asia correspondent for The Telegraph, visited Japan from July 9 to 15. The Telegraph is a British daily newspaper of record, founded in 1855 and covering a wide range of topics ranging from latest news, politics, and business to sports, lifestyle, and opinion.


Ms. Smith covered two topics during this visit to Japan: Japanese diplomacy and defense policies, and Japanese initiatives to deal with isolation and hikikomori. She spoke with government officials and experts on these topics in Tokyo. Later in the program, she visited Okinawa, which borders Taiwan and China, speaking with the governor of Okinawa in Naha and the mayor of Miyakojima in his city, as well as covering the Miyakojima Coast Guard Office of the Japan Coast Guard.


After the program, Ms. Smith commented, “It was very valuable to be able to go and cover the story on the ground in Okinawa, considering its important position regarding my main topic, Japan’s diplomacy and defense policies. Overall, I was very satisfied with this program.”



Ms. Smith with State Minister of   Ms. Smith with Okinawa Governor            Ms. Smith covering the 

Defense Toshiro Ino         Denny Tamaki                                   Miyakojima Coast Guard Office



*Reporting based on this fellowship

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(July 31, 2023) How Japan is tackling ‘hikikomori’ – a syndrome that created a generation of recluses


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