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Date : September 1, 2022

Video Report: Ms. Yoshimi Yamashita, One of the First Women Referees for Men’s World Cup Soccer: Passion for the Qatar Games (Ms. Yoshimi Yamashita, International Football Referee)

post date : 2022.09.01

At the FIFA World Cup scheduled to take place in Qatar starting on November 20, for the first time in World Cup history women have been selected to referee men’s matches. A total of 36 referees have been given the honor of judging the game as it is played at its highest level, with 3 of those 36 being women. One of those three women is Ms. Yoshimi Yamashita, an international referee.

Ms. Yamashita has been active in Japanese professional soccer leagues including the J.League, as well as officiating at international tournaments, including women’s World Cup and Asian Champions League organized by the Asian Football Confederation. On August 1 this year, she was the first woman to sign a professional referee contract with the Japan Football Association.


The FPCJ has invited her, as a pioneering referee, to speak about her experiences, her feelings on blowing the whistle at the World Cup, her hopes for soccer in Japan, and her thoughts as a professional woman in Japan, which is behind the rest of the world in gender equality


The briefing had a total of 30 participants including journalists from Bangladesh, Brazil, France, Germany, Singapore, UK and US.



■Date: September 1 (Thu), 2022, 14:00-15:00 

■Theme: Ms. Yoshimi Yamashita, One of the First Women Referees for Men’s World Cup Soccer: Passion for the Qatar Games

■Briefer: Ms. Yoshimi Yamashita, International Football Referee 

■Language: Japanese, with consecutive English interpretation



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