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Date : January 11, 2018

Video report: Japanese Politics in 2018 (Prof. Harukata Takenaka, The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

post date : 2018.01.15

The LDP with the Komei-to won a supermajority with over two-thirds of the seats in the October 2017 House of Representatives election. Professor Takenaka discussed four major political agendas for the Abe cabinet and Prime Minister Abe in 2018.


The first issue is constitutional amendment. Will Prime Minister Abe make a further push toward amending the Japanese constitution?The second agenda is a set of important social economic policies which the Abe cabinet have been busy formulating in recent months, namely, “human resource development revolution” and “work-style reform.” As a pillar of the former, the cabinet will make pre-education free, as well as making higher education free for low income households. In carrying out “work-style reform,” the goal is to eliminate long working hours. How can we perceive these socioeconomic policies in the light of past policies pursued by the Liberal Democratic Party government?  The third issue is how will the development of Abenomics proceed in its sixth year? Who will be the successor to current Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda when his term expires in April?   

The last issue is the possibility of the LDP presidential election in the fall. Prime Minister Abe’s term as LDP President ends in September. Who will be contenders against Prime Minister Abe within the LDP?  


The briefing had a total of 66 participants, including 27 journalists from China, France, Germany, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, USA, and 30 embassy representatives.


- Date: January 11 (Thu), 2018

- Briefer: Dr. Harukata Takenaka, Professor, The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)

- Language: Japanese (with consecutive English interpretation)



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