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Date : October 4, 2017

Video Report: The North Korea Problem and Japan’s Response(Professor Hajime Izumi, Institute for International Strategy, Tokyo International University)

post date : 2017.10.06

With North Korea continuing to carry out nuclear tests and develop intercontinental ballistic missiles, tensions between North Korea and the U.S., as well as the rest of the international community, are higher than ever. In response to the country’s sixth nuclear test, the largest one yet, the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to pass new sanctions and strengthen economic pressure on North Korea. However, North Korea’s provocations and its reaction to these measures have created even more tension. What actions will North Korea, and how should Japan and the rest of the international community respond?


The FPCJ invited Professor Hajime Izumi of Tokyo International University (and professor emeritus of University of Shizuoka), an expert on the North Korea problem, to give a briefing on the issue.


The briefing had a total of 55 participants, including 12 journalists from China, France, Germany, Korea, Russia, U.K., Vietnam and U.S.A..


- Date:October 4 (Wed), 2017

- Briefer:  Professor Hajime Izumi, Institute for International Strategy, Tokyo International University

- Language: Japanese (with consecutive English interpretation)


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