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Date : May 15, 2017

Video Report: South Korean Presidential Election and Japan-ROK Relations (Mr. Hideki Okuzono, Associate Professor, University of Shizuoka)

post date : 2017.05.16

Mr. Moon Jae-in, the candidate from the progressive Democratic Party of Korea, won the presidential election on May 9. A major point of interest is how the new administration will approach relations with the Japanese government.

The FPCJ has invited Mr. Hideki Okuzono, an associate professor at the University of Shizuoka and deputy director of the university’s Center for Korean Studies, to speak about the future of Japan-South Korea relations, and issues such as the agreement on comfort women, considering the results of the election.

The briefing had a total of 38 participants, including 10 journalists from China, Germany, Italy, South Korea.






・Date:May 15 (Mon), 2017

・Briefer:Mr. Hideki Okuzono

・Language: Japanese(with consecutive English interpretation)


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