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Date : November 15, 2012

Report (Press Briefing): White Paper on Crime 2012 (November 15, 2012)

post date : 2013.08.21

FPCJ invited Mr. Akihiro Kuroyanagi, Director of the Research Department, Research and Training Institute, Ministry of Justice, to overview the White Paper on Crime 2012. Including nine foreign journalists, a total of 19 people attended this briefing.


After introducing some points including the trends in the number of reported criminal cases and the clearance rate for penal code offenses, Mr. Kuroyanagi detailed the 2012 edition’s special article “Measures to Reintegrate Offenders and Juvenile Delinquents into Society,” referring to the results of his institute’s survey targeting prisoners and juvenile delinquents. In recent years, he said, new measures were introduced one after another to secure jobs and houses for offenders and juvenile delinquents, because these were considered to be especially important to keep them from reoffending. He gave some examples of these measures. 


Mr. Kuroyanagi concluded the press briefing, saying “Inmates will come back to their local communities in the future. Without public understanding and support, no measures can be effective. In order to gain full understanding and support among the citizens, it is important to widely share in an accessible manner the situation and the challenges related to the integration of offenders and juvenile delinquents into society. I hope our White Paper will be of some help.”

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