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[Toyama City] Report: Toyama City Press Tour (Date: January 22, 2018)

post date : 2018.02.16

Toyama City’s Policies to Assist Families:

Creating a City with Support for Raising Children

On Monday, January 22, 2018, Toyama City held a press tour including the Toyama City Machinaka General Care Center, which provides services such as postnatal care, a daycare for sick children, and a pickup service for the daycare for sick children. Ten journalists joined this tour, from China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

This press tour was planned and sponsored by Toyama City and Toyama Television Broadcasting, with the FPCJ providing cooperation for handling applications, etc.

(Reference) Press Tour Notice


This press tour visited the Toyama City Machinaka General Care Center and Toyama Children’s Plaza (Children’s Library and Childcare Support Center), both operated by Toyama City. The tour also visited Hokuriku Bank, a local business implementing initiatives to support working while raising children, and interviewed employees taking advantage of these initiatives.

Mr. Masashi Mori, mayor of Toyama City, gave a briefing about Toyama-style urban management using a compact city strategy to provide support for raising children. After explaining Toyama City’s initiatives in this area, he responded to various questions from the participating journalists about specific policies to deal with the common issues being faced by developed countries across the world of population decline, declining birthrate, and aging population, as well as about the effectiveness of those policies, and future plans for Toyama City.




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