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【Sendai City】Road to Recovery SENDAI has been released

post date : 2017.12.15

We issued an English version of Sendai City’s recovery records from the Great East Japan Earthquake, titled Road to Recovery SENDAI. It aims to communicate Sendai City’s present state of recovery from the disaster and the significant contribution made by citizens, throughout Japan and the world.


As the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 emphasized the role of various relevant stakeholders in taking action to prevent disasters and reduce disaster risks, we receive a lot of interest in recovery and disaster risk reduction efforts initiated by citizens from international participants when they visited Sendai to attend international conferences and study tours.


We placed importance on the visual approach by using many photos, statistical data, and pictograms in Road to Recovery SENDAI. We compiled it in a compact manner with a focus on introductions of citizens’ recovery efforts.


For further details, please see the websites below:

Road to Recovery Sendai (English, PDF)


Inquiries: Post-Disaster Reconstruction Department

    City Planning Policy Bureau

    City of Sendai

Phone: 022-214-1266
FAX: 022-268-4311

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