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Happy New Year from Foreign Press Center Japan

post date : 2017.01.05

Happy New Year!



Thank you sincerely for your support of the FPCJ’s activities throughout 2016. Thanks to the cooperation and support of many over the years, last year the FPCJ was able to commemorate our 40th anniversary. It was a fruitful year for us, including the start of a new project and increased social media outreach.


There will be many changes in the world in 2017, with the inauguration of a new president in the U.S., negotiations over Brexit, and elections in France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Japan will continue to deal with its economic recovery and with social issues such as the declining population and aging society. As the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games draw closer, media around the world are paying closer attention to topics in Japan including politics, the economy, foreign affairs, security, social phenomenon, disaster prevention and recovery, and traditional culture. The FPCJ, from the perspective of “Japan as part of the world,” will actively work to reach out to foreign media with timely topics to ensure that as much reporting is done as possible.


With your help, this year we will work together with local governments, government organizations, businesses, media outlets, universities, and other organizations to further improve Japan’s network for information outreach, and to reach foreign media in even more diverse and effective ways.


Thank you for your continued support and guidance.



January 2017


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