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【Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Yamanashi Prefecture】 Sightseeing passports issued at the west side area of Mt.Fuji

post date : 2016.11.01


Fujikawaguchiko-machi is located at the foot of world heritage site Mt.Fuji and cooperating with Fujinomiya city on sightseeing. (Photo①: Kodaki Fuji, Lake Shoji)


The Sightseeing Liaison Council of Mt. Fuji West Side Area formed by both cities will issue two passports: “Mt.Fuji West Side Story Passport” and “Mt.Fuji West Side Story Premium Passport” in Japanese and English, in corporation with local sightseeing associations and Fujikyuko Co., Ltd. This is for the purpose of attracting foreign tourists to west side sightseeing areas such as Motosu Lake, Asagiri Highland and Shiraito Waterfalls.




 The “Mt.Fuji West Side Story Passport” shows the stories of Mt.Fuji with many views, water and forests, and it also introduces 39 facilities, such as Makaino Farm and a pleasure boat “Moguran” at Motosu Lake, as west side attractions. It is available free at tourist information centers. In addition, Fujikyuko Co., Ltd offers “Mt.Fuji West Side Story Premium Passport” which has coupons for 39 facilities and some gifts when simultaneously purchasing the “Mt.Fuji West Side Area Round-trip Bus Ticket” (\2,500, valid for two days). (Photo②:Diamond Fuji, Lake Tanuki)




Past sightseeing promotion of the west side area was limited due to straddling the prefectures' borders. Therefore, this passport and bus ticket which entirely introduces this entire area of Mt.Fuji are a breakthrough idea and are anticipated to attract tourists both from Japan and overseas.


朝霧高原(富士宮市観光課) パラグライダー(提供富士宮市観光課) ③本栖湖からの千円札の富士

 (Photos from left: ③Asagiri-kogen,④Paraglider, ⑤Mt Fuji printed on 1000 yen bill, Lake Motosu)





■ Mt.Fuji West Side Story Passport and Premium Passport

■ Mt.Fuji West Side Area Round-trip Bus Ticket





(Photo⑥: The venison curry and rice set at Restaurant Matsukaze) 





■ Inquiry  

Sightseeing Department, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Yamanashi Prefecture  TEL.0555-72-3168



<Photos:①⑤⑥ provided by Fujikawaguchiko-machi, ②③④ by Fujinomiya-City) 



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