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【Keio University】Launches New Official Website

post date : 2016.06.17

Keio University has launched a newly redesigned official website in both Japanese and English as of June 13, 2016. The website has been redesigned with aesthetics in mind, with a new and dynamic design that effectively uses high-resolution image and video and a responsive web design optimized across multiple devices for exceptional web experiences. Users are now able to access information anytime, anywhere from their PC, smartphone, or tablet. The right-hand navigation keeps the interface clean and provides users quick and easy access to the information they need.


慶應義塾web_TOP(英語用)  慶應義塾web_Across Keio(日英共通)


Designed with current and prospective students in mind, the website delivers fresh content for the university's domestic and international audiences:


    - Keio Times showcases special features on the latest news at Keio.

  - Across Keio provides a platform for students, faculty, and staff to talk about what makes Keio great.

    - Research Around Keio highlights the latest cutting-edge research at the university. 

    - Keio By the Numbers gives a brief look at the university’s facts and figures.


As Japan’s oldest private institution of higher learning, with a history spanning more than 150 years, the university has crafted interactive content to better convey its mission and the philosophy of its founder, Yukichi Fukuzawa.


    - Philosophy provides an inside look at the founding principles of Keio.

    - The Life of Yukichi Fukuzawa gives a brief account of the life of Keio’s founder.

    - History traces Keio’s transformation from a small school of Western learning to Japan’s leading private university.


We are dedicated to delivering visually compelling content that illustrates the rich variety of education and research at Keio in both Japanese and English to reach broader audiences in Japan and around the world.



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