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[City of Yokohama] Low-Carbon Hydrogen Use Pilot Project Starts!

post date : 2016.03.04

横浜Kanagawa Prefecture, the City of Yokohama, the City of Kawasaki, Iwatani Corporation, Toshiba Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation have started a pilot project to build a low-carbon hydrogen supply chain model using renewable energy in the Keihin coastal area. 


This project seeks to, in addition to CO2-free hydrogen manufacturing using renewable energy, build a hydrogen supply chain comprising storage, transport and use in order to realize a simple, comprehensive system of hydrogen use and thus contribute to future regional development and global warming countermeasures. It is based on the following four themes.



1) A wind-powered (Hama Wing) system that uses electrolysis to produce hydrogen from water

2) Storage and transport arrangements for optimal hydrogen supply

3) Introduction and use of fuel cell forklifts

4) Hydrogen supply chain feasibility studies (hydrogen price, CO2 reduction, etc.)


*Details may be found at:

(Japanese only)


------------------[Press Conference Information]--------------------------------

Below is information for the press conference to announce the start-up of the project.

Please apply by e-mail by March 7 (Mon).


(1) Date: March 14, 2016 (Mon) 13:00~14:10 (registration from 12:30)

(2) Venue: 3F, InterContinental Ballroom  InterContinental Yokohama Grand Hotel

(1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi)

(3) Itinerary (scheduled):

12:30~13:00          Press registration

13:00~13:10          Speaker introductions

 Kanagawa Prefecture: Harumi Matsuura, Director General of Energy

 City of Yokohama: Norihiko Nomura, Climate Change Policy Headquarters Executive Director

 City of Kawasaki: Masasuke Takitoge, General Planning Bureau Director General

 Iwatani Corporation: Katsuya Takemoto, Industrial Gas & Machinery Division Assistant General Manager & Director

 Toshiba Corporation: Hiroyuki Ota, New Energy Solution Project Senior Manager

 Toyota Motor Corporation: Shigeki Tomoyama, Senior Managing Officer

13:10~13:50          Explanation of project overview

13:50~14:10          Photo session [press photography allowed]

      Depending on end of tour [informal interviews (project participants)]

(4) Coverage Application

Please apply by e-mail by March 7 (Mon).

Please indicate:

company name, department name, name, number of attendees, contact information, cameras yes/no (photo or video)

*Interpretation available (English)

*Please refrain from reporting on this content until the start time of the March 14 (Mon) press conference (13:00).


■ Inquiry:

Media Liaison, Secretary Department, Policy Bureau, City of Yokohama

Ms. Akiyama / Mr. Takeuchi  E-mail:

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