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FPCJ Sets Themes for Transmission of information in 2016

post date : 2016.01.15

Main Theme: Responses to global issues

(Japanese initiatives as one of the first countries to deal with certain issues)



(1) G7 Summit and International Cooperation 


◇Ise-Shima Summit




◇International cooperation: international development (Tokyo International Conference on Africa Development)



(2) Sustainable Growth and Vitalizing Local Economies


◇Vitalizing local economies: declining birth rate, aging population, healthcare, nursing care, multicultural coexistence


◇Development of sustainable communities


◇Science and technology


◇Disaster prevention and reduction initiatives


◇Japan as a tourism-oriented country: building attractive communities, traditional culture, food culture, pop culture




 (3) Japanese Economic Recovery


◇Growth strategy and exiting deflation


◇Finance reform


◇A society in which women shine




(4) 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics




Major Events in 2016


January              Individual Number (My Number) system begins

March 11            5th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake

March 26           Hokkaido Shinkansen planned to begin operation (Shin-Aomori to Shin-Hakodate)

April 1                Deregulation of electricity market

May 26-27         Ise-Shima Summit

June 19            Voting age for public elections lowered to 18 years old

July                24th regular House of Councillors election

August 5-21      31st Summer Olympics (Rio de Janeiro)

August 11        New public holiday (Mountain Day)

September 7-18  15th Summer Paralympics (Rio de Janeiro)

November 8       United States presidential election

November          Tsukiji fish market to move to Toyosu



Gubernatorial Elections


Tochigi Prefecture (18-year-olds eligible to vote)

Niigata Prefecture (18-year-olds eligible to vote)

Toyama Prefecture (18-year-olds eligible to vote)

Okayama Prefecture (18-year-olds eligible to vote)

Kumamoto Prefecture

Kagoshima Prefecture (If House of Councillors election on the same day, 18-year-olds will be eligible to vote)


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