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【City of Kawasaki】Introducing the Unique Website “Genba Boys” for SME’s Recruting!

post date : 2015.10.30




ゲンバ男子ロゴThe Institute of Industry Promotion Kawasaki, which supports small/medium sized enterprises (SMEs), operates a unique website called “Genba Boys” which introduces young employees working in small manufacturing factories (=genba), in order to tackle the shortage of younger employees in manufacturing industries. The aim of the project is to show that “manufacturing is cool”.


According to the METI’s White Paper on Manufacturing Industries, the number of young workers in the manufacturing industries has been decreasing every year. As is the case in Kawasaki, many companies are struggling to secure high-quality young human resources, which results in difficulty in passing on their craft.


This website is operated together with Business Innovation Center Osaka. The “Boys”, under 35, are recommended by the owner and their colleagues at companies in the city. Pictures of them taken by a professional cameraman are uploaded with their name, company and message. 22 engineers including “Girls” from 10 companies have been introduced so far since April 2015. 


ゲンバ男子小町What’s more, Kawasaki’s official idol group “Kawasaki Junjō Komachi” are also big supporters of the Genba Boys, and are working both within and outside of the city to show the appeal of factory work.


■ Genba Boys (Kawasaki version)   (Japanese only)


ゲンバ男子職人■ The Workers Spirit (Youtube, Japanese only) 

Metal Spinning

Lathe Operator

Special Cutting Technique for Difficult to Cut Material





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