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New Training Program for International Tourism at Meiji University School of Global Japanese Studies

post date : 2015.01.14

The Meiji University School of Global Japanese Studies (Dr. Masahiro Yokota, Dean; Nakano Ward, Tokyo) is going to offer a new study-abroad program in academic year 2015 in partnership with the University of Hawaii at Manoa and hospitality-related companies in Hawaii. The program will emphasize both on-campus learning with a focus on tourism and actual internship experience. It plans to send 20 students over to Hawaii for the program in the first year.


The program will begin with intensive language lessons at the University of Hawaii (“UH”) for a period of about three weeks in August. From the end of August to mid-December, which corresponds with the fall semester at the University of Hawaii, the students will receive instruction mainly in hospitality-related courses together with UH students, to lay the foundation for their internship. At the end of the fall semester, they will intern at locations of hospitality-related firms, specifically, JTB Hawaii, the Honolulu branch of Japan Airlines, Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, and Outrigger Resorts.



Combining study abroad with internship for the period of eight months, the program will enable students to acquire practical experience upon absorption of specialized knowledge and theory in Hawaii, one of the top tourism destinations in the whole world.


meijihawaiiThe companies accepting students as interns have expressed strong expectations for stimulation of the workplace by the dynamism distinctive to students brimming with unique ideas and energy. They are also hoping that the program will broaden the possibilities of industry-academia collaboration in various fields.


Photo: University of Hawaii at Manoa


About 15 percent of the students enrolled in the School of Global Japanese Studies are from other countries. This breeds a highly cosmopolitan atmosphere for wide-ranging studies of the attributes of Japanese industry, society, and culture as well as world culture and thought, and international relations. In addition, the School nurtures the growth of capabilities for practical international communication grounded in intensive study of English and education for understanding different cultures. Its aspiration is to develop human resources equipped for extensive activity on the global stage. It offers a full assortment of attractive study-abroad programs that send students to other countries around the world, such as its program for internship and study at Walt Disney World resting on partnership with Florida State University.


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