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FPCJ Sets Themes for Transmission of information in 2015

post date : 2015.01.01

Main Theme: Response to global issues (Japan’s approaches as a “Country with Advanced Issues”)



(1) 70 Years since World War II


  ・ Japanese efforts for peace


  ・  Japan in East Asia: Politics, economy, diplomacy, security, human interaction



(2) Sustained Growth and Societal Development


  ・  Vitalizing Local Economies: approaches to an aging population, declining birth rate, medicine, nursing care, multiple cultures, and depopulation


  ・  Developing Sustainable Cities: Waste disposal, water sanitation management, energy, public transportation, crime prevention


・Science and Technology: Fundamental research, robot development


・  Disaster Prevention and Reduction: Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, climate change, Great East Japan Earthquake,    Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, creating towns resilient to disasters


・Japanese Culture and Values: Traditional culture, food culture, pop culture, order, perseverance, attention to detail



 (3) Japanese Economic Recovery


・  Growth strategy and exiting deflation


・  Industrial competitiveness, efforts by small and medium enterprises


・  Consumption tax increase


・  A society in which women shine


・  Youth employment


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