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FPCJ Sets Themes for Transmission of information in 2014

post date : 2014.01.06

Main Theme: Japan's approach to challenges facing the World



(1) Preparing for large-scale disaster in light of the lessons learned from 3.11.  Efforts to reduce damage from disaster.

- Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake: putting people's lives back in order; disaster-resistant town-building; and industrial revitalization

- Nuclear accident of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant: decontamination and contaminated water issues; an approach to decommissioning; resumption of operation of nuclear power plants; and clearing of harmful rumors

- Possible quakes occurring beneath the Tokyo metropolitan area or along the Nankai Trough: efforts for disaster prevention and for preparation for minimizing damage from natural disaster

- An approach to climate change issues


(2) Strengths of Japan ~ Sustainable growth and social development ~

- Creation of sustainable cities: waste management; sanitary water management; energy; public transportation; and crime prevention

- Development of most advanced technology: robots; medicine and nursing care

- Society for coexistence: ageing; declining birthrate; and multiple cultures

- Nature and community ties of people in rural villages, an approach to depopulation

- Culture: traditional cultures; cuisine culture (world heritage); and soft power

- Values that Japan can be proud of: discipline; patience; self-control, attention to detail


(3) Revival of the Japanese Economy

Growth strategy after the lost two decades; breaking away from deflation; competitiveness of Japanese industry; potential of small and medium-sized companies


(4) Japan in East Asia

politics, economy, diplomacy, security and human exchange


(5) The 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics


* We will focus on the following genres in accordance with the topics:

- Women: approach to improving the position of women

- Youth: Choosing new work & lifestyle such as entrepreneurship and social business enterprises

- Seniors: live happily and healthily in the "90-year life period" and help local community


* Major events happening in 2014:

Consumption tax increase (April 1); The Hokuriku Shinkansen Line starts operating between Nagano and Kanazawa stations (within FY2014); Centenary of Takarazuka Revue Company (commemoration ceremony on April 5); Semi-centennial of the Tokaido Shinkansen Line (October 1); 50th anniversary of the Tokyo Olympic Games (October 10); The Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Games (February 7 - 23, March 7 - 16); FIFA World Cup Brazil (June 12 - July 13); International Year of Crystallography and International Year of Family Farming   

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