3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake

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Date : March 7, 2018

Video report【Governor of Fukushima Pref.】: Recovery in Fukushima, 7 Years After the Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident

post date : 2018.03.08

Nearly seven years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Fukushima Prefecture was seriously damaged not only by the earthquake and tsunami, but also by the accident at the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.

The prefecture has been working continuously to eliminate misconceptions and make accurate information about the safety of products made in Fukushima available, and to prepare the proper living conditions in towns which have had their evacuation orders lifted so that residents may return.


The FPCJ invited Mr. Masao Uchibori, Governor of Fukushima Prefecture, to speak about these efforts and the state of recovery. 


The briefing had a total of 46 participants, including 21 journalists from China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, UK and USA,etc and 10 embassy representatives.


Distributed Material (Japanese only):

ふくしま復興のあゆみ(3月時点更新版)Part 1

ふくしま復興のあゆみ(3月時点更新版)Part 2

ふくしま復興のあゆみ(3月時点更新版)Part 3


- Date: March 7 (Wed), 2018

- Briefer: Mr. Masao Uchibori, Governor of Fukushima Prefecture

- Language: Japanese (with consecutive English interpretation)



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