3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake

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Date : February 27 - 28, 2014

Reports on Japan: Press Tour to Iwate Coastal Areas, 3 Years after the Earthquake

post date : 2014.05.01

FPCJ has been carrying out press tours to areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

This was the fourth tour to an affected area and the destination was the coastal areas of Iwate.

The tour had 15 journalists from Taiwan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and France.


Click here for the report of the tour.

Click here for more details of the tour.


Below are some of the articles and programs produced by the journalists based on this press tour. So far, these articles and programs have been circulated to many media outlets around the world.



Central News Agency (Taiwan/News agency)

March 11, 2014

「震災奇蹟之松旁 架起希望之橋」



Guangdong Television (China/TV)

March 11, 2014




Dalian TV (China/TV)

March 6, 2014




The Dong-a Ilbo (South Korea/Newspaper)

March 4, 2014

“3년째 판잣집 생활… 올림픽에 밀린 복구 언제 끝날지”http://news.donga.com/3/all/20140304/61415893/1


Voice of Vietnam (Vietnam/TV)

①March 10, 2014

Rikuzen Takata (Nhật Bản): Hồi sinh trên vùng đất chết



②March 11, 2014

Rikuzen Takata (Nhật Bản): Hồi sinh trên vùng đất chết



RIA Novosti (Russia/News agency)

March 11, 2014

Три года после цунами в Японии: памятник уцелевшей сосне и новый город



Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland/Newspaper)

March 11, 2014

Drei Jahre im Provisorium



Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy/Newspaper)

March 18, 2014

Tsunami 3 anni dopo: ricostruzione lenta, mancano i lavoratori. E Tokyo pensa a più immigrati



20 minutes (France/Newspaper)

March 10, 2014

Le Nord-Est toujours convalescent


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