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Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Kozushima Village has been Certified as Tokyo’s First International Dark Sky Park



Please find a press release sent out today by Kozushima Village as below.


December 2, 2020
Kozushima Village


Kozushima Village has been Certified as Tokyo’s First International Dark Sky Park


We are pleased to announce that, as of December 1, 2020 (US Mountain Standard Time), the entire 18.58㎢ area of Kozushima Village has been certified as Tokyo’s first International Dark Sky Park. This initiative was supported as part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s (TMG) Treasure Islands Project.

The mayor of Kozushima and the program manager of the accrediting body, International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), offered the following comments:


Mr. MAEDA Hiroshi, Mayor of Kozushima Village:
“I have been looking forward to our village’s ‘International Dark Sky Park’ certification. It is of deep significance to me, and I pledge to preserve Kozushima’s beautiful starry sky for generations to come.
We will continue to improve our tourism reception capabilities so that many visitors can come and enjoy starry sky tours. All of our residents and I are waiting to welcome you to ‘Dark Sky Island’ Kozushima.”


Mr. Adam DALTON, IDA Dark Sky Places Program Manager:
“The certification of Kozushima is a truly remarkable achievement. The second certified International Dark Sky Park in Japan, Kozushima Dark Sky Island's efforts with and support from the Tokyo Government, partnership with Iwasaki Electric LTD to develop a unique new dark sky appropriate lighting fixtures to be installed on the island, and innovative outreach underscore the immense work the applicants have undertaken.
Furthermore, only a four-hour boat ride from Tokyo. Kozushima's protected starry night skies will undoubtedly inspire and awe many of Japan's urban citizens who travel to the Island to experience the wonders of the cosmos.”


About the International Dark Sky Places Program:
The “International Dark Sky Places Program” is a certification program by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), an NPO headquartered in Arizona, USA with the goal of celebrating outstanding efforts to protect and preserve dark and beautiful night skies free from light pollution. The International Dark Sky Park is one of the five categories in this program and, in addition to Kozushima Village, Iriomote Ishigaki National Park in Okinawa has also been certified.
Kozushima Village first applied to the IDA for International Dark Sky Park certification on August 24, 2020.


[IMPORTANT: Regarding photo titles and credits]
If you wish to use the official logo of the Tokyo Treasure Islands Project, or any photos from the project, please inform the Promotion Planning Section, Local Administration Division, Bureau of General Affairs of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government beforehand at ( .

Also, when using the photo in this press release, please include the following title and credit information:
“Akasaki Promenade and Starry Sky (Photo by NARISAWA Hiroyuki)”


Kozushima Village website: (available in Japanese) (available in Japanese)

Tokyo Treasure Islands Project website:


Industry and Tourism Division,
Kozushima Village

Promotion Planning Section, Local Administration Division,
Bureau of General Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government


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