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Date : February 20, 2023

The Changes to Japanese Society Brought On by Oshikatsu(Mr. Atsuo Nakayama, Founder & CEO of Re entertainment)

post date : 2023.02.10

   “Oshikatsu” (activities to support someone or something you are a fan of) was nominated for the 2021 New Words and Buzzwords Awards, and since then has continued spreading regardless of gender or generation, garnering even more attention. With people staying indoors due to the pandemic, consumption taking advantage of digital content such as online concerts and social media expanded, and some even say it helped stimulate the tepid Japanese economy. How is oshikatsu defined, what changes has it undergone, and how will it develop in the future? How does oshikatsu affect people’s consumption patterns, and with hope for a recovery from the pandemic for Japan’s economy and society, what effects will it have on them?



Mr. Atsuo Nakayama, CEO of Re entertainment, is at the forefront of oshikatsu research, and frequently comments on it in the media. The FPCJ has invited him to discuss the changes oshikatsu has gone through, and what impact it will have on society in the future.



■Please note that you cannot physically attend this briefing, as it will be a Zoom webinar. 

■Date: February 20 (Mon), 2023 , 16:00-17:30  (Deadline for application: 12:00 February 17 )
■Theme: The Changes to Japanese Society Brought On by Oshikatsu

■Briefer: Mr. Atsuo Nakayama, Founder & CEO of Re entertainment

■Language: Japanese, with consecutive English interpretation


As in our standard press briefings, there will be a Q&A session at the end.

*In principle, questions will only be accepted from members of the foreign press.


■Members of the Foreign Press:

Please send any questions for the briefer or topics you are interested in to by Noon on Thursday, February 16.

As there will only be a limited amount of time to ask questions during the briefing, we will collect questions and provide them to the briefer in advance.


Embassy representatives and FPCJ supporting members may also watch the briefing as observers (admission free).


■How to Apply: Please refer to the email  we sent.

*We will not be accepting applications by email.

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