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Date : October 14, 2015

Japan’s Relations with Central Asia

post date : 2015.10.01

河東大使 画像FPCJ Press Briefing: Japans Relations with Central Asia

Mr. Akio Kawato, Former Japanese Ambassador to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, and General Manager of the Japan and World Trends Website


As part of Prime Minister Abes “diplomacy that takes a panoramic perspective of the word map,” trips are being considered for the end of October to all five countries in Central Asia. Chinese, Russian, and American plans are all at odds in the region, in addition to the threat of Taliban and ISIS aggression from the south. Japan has been building stronger relations with nations in this region, so what political and economic meaning will this visit by the prime minister have? The FPCJ has invited Mr. Akio Kawato, former Japanese Ambassador to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (currently General Manager of the Japan and World Trends website), and who was involved in organizing the 2004 Foreign Ministers’ Forum of “Central Asia plus Japan” Dialogue, to speak about Japan's relations with the region.


Date: October 14 (Wed), 2015, 14:30-16:00

Place: Foreign Press Center of Japan (6th floor, Nippon Press Center Bldg)

Language: Japanese (with consecutive English interpretation)

*Embassy representatives and FPCJ supporting members may also attend the briefing as observers (admission free).

*No car park is available. Please use a nearby car park if you come by car.


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