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Date : September 18, 2013

Notice (Press Briefing): Youth Employment Problems (September 18, 2013)

post date : 2013.09.05

Youth Employment Problems


Briefer: Prof. Yuki Honda, Graduate School of Education, University of Tokyo


Since the bursting of the economic bubble, the severe situation surrounding Japanese youth employment has continued. It has been pointed out that the difficulty of their gaining suitable careers, because of an increase in the proportion of non-regular employment and the rising unemployment rate of young people may be leading to the declining birth rate and delayed marriage.


Against this backdrop, the Abe administration, which regards economic recovery as the highest priority issue, announced in June, its “Japan Revitalization Strategy” to back up youth employment. In this strategic plan, the government announced employment system reform to support young people and women and give them opportunities to play more active roles.


FPCJ has invited Prof. Yuki Honda of the Graduate School of Education, University of Tokyo, to talk about the current situation and measures for youth employment under the theme of “Youth Employment Problems”.


Prof. Honda is an expert in the sociology of education with considerable research experience of the youth labor market. Prof. Honda has published many books on this topic, including [Do not call me “NEET”!], and [Young people and employment in Japan].


Date & Time: September 18 (Wed), 2013, 14:30-16:00


Place: Foreign Press Center / Japan (6th floor, Nippon Press Center Bldg)


Language: Japanese (with consecutive English interpretation)


Embassy representatives and FPCJ supporting members may also attend the briefing as observers (admission free).


*No car park is available. Please use a nearby car park if you come by car.


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