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Date : January 31, 2019

Video report: Japan’s Strategy for Flying Cars

post date : 2019.02.01

Development of “flying cars” has been receiving attention worldwide, as they could avoid traffic jams when commuting in the city, be used for traveling in mountainous areas and remote islands, and be used for emergency medical transport after disasters. In August 2018, a Public-Private Conference for Future Air Mobility Revolution with members from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), private companies, and experts was formed, and at its fourth meeting, in December, the conference released a Roadmap toward Air Mobility Revolution. The roadmap describes the technologies and regulations which must be developed by the private and public sectors, with the goal of businesses beginning test flights and demonstration experiments this year, leading to commercialization beginning in 2023 and expanding in the 2030s.


The FPCJ invited officials from the METI and MLIT, members of the Public-Private Conference, to speak about Japan’s strategy for flying cars. 


The briefing had a total of 22 participants including journalists from China, Denmark, Germany, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Spain, UK, and the USA.


Distributed material: Headed towards “Air Mobility Revolution”


- Date: January 31 (Thurs), 2019

- Briefer: Mr. Kenji MIKAMI, Director for Digital Strategy Manufacturing Industries Bureau, METI

      Mr. Keita ARAKAKI, Division Head, Aviation Safety and Security Planning Division,

             Japan Civil Aviation Bureau, MLIT

- Language: Japanese (with consecutive English interpretation)


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