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Date : September 8 - 14, 2019

Fellowship Program: USA, Newsweek, Mr. Tom O’Connor, Staff Writer

post date : 2019.11.01

Date: September 8-September 14, 2019


Fellowship Program: USA, Newsweek, Mr. Tom O’Connor, Staff Writer


As part of the 2019-2020 FPCJ Fellowship Program, Mr. Tom O’Connor, Staff Writer of Newsweek, visited Japan from September 8 to September 14. Newsweek was founded in 1933. It is a well-known weekly publication in the US that mostly covers politics, the economy, international affairs, and technology, and has the second highest circulation after Time. In his first visit to Japan, Mr. O’Connor interviewed government ministry officials, university professors, the former Japanese Ambassador to the US and an analyst, covering mainly the US-Japan security relationship and East Asian affairs.


Interviewing Mr. Bonji Obara, Senior Fellow, International Peace and Security Department


Interviewing Mr. Hitoshi Tanaka, Chairman, Institute for International Strategy


※Articles about the tour are below:

○ North Korea explains conditions for getting rid of nuclear weapons ahead of U.S. talks


○ U.S. ally Japan is not joining Donald Trump’s fight with Iran, so can it bring peace?


○ Asia’s cold war: Japan on the front lines of a U.S.-China conflict


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