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Date : November 12, 2020

Video of Online Press Conference by the Governor of Shiga Prefecture: Example of the FPCJ’s Online Conference/Presentation Support Service

post date : 2020.11.19

To respond to the needs of local governments and other organizations which would like to distribute information to the foreign media even with the current difficulty of overseas travel and holding large events, the FPCJ has started a new service providing support for online press conferences and presentations.

Using this service, Shiga Prefecture held an online press conference by the governor. Please see how it went below.

Located near the center of the Japanese Archipelago, Shiga is nature-rich and features Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake, which provides water to 14.5 million residents, including those in neighboring prefectures.

Mr. Taizo MIKAZUKI, governor of Shiga Prefecture, talked about his vision for the prefecture’s future in the COVID-19 era and beyond at an online press conference.

Based on the experience of the pandemic as well as the anomaly happening in Lake Biwa, thought to be caused by global warming, the Shiga Prefectural government has determined its policy direction for the COVID-19 era and beyond, focusing on three pillars: “protecting life and livelihood,” “green recovery,” and “prioritizing the next generation.”

In this online conference, Governor Mikazuki, at his office in Shiga, talked about the prefecture’s basic stance and concrete measures, which the FPCJ broadcasted in real time.

The FPCJ worked on distributing event announcements to members of the foreign media and foreign embassies, managed participants, and supported operation during the event.

As a result, the press conference had a total of 21 participants: 10 journalists from the U.S., China, and Korea, and 11 embassy representatives from Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Briefing handouts

■Date: November 12 (Thu.), 2020, 16:00-17:10
■Speaker: Taizo Mikazuki, Governor of Shiga Prefecture
■Language: Japanese, with consecutive English interpretation
■Format: Online conference

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