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Date : March 16, 2017

News Reports by Participants: Takaoka City Press Tour

post date : 2017.05.17

Reproducing the Shaka Triad Statue National Treasure with New 3D Technology and Traditional Techniques


   This tour visited Takaoka in Toyama, where a replica of the Shaka Triad statue is being displayed for the first time. The statue was made using the latest 3D printing technology along with traditional carving and casting techniques to faithfully replicate the materials and textures of the original. In addition to interviewing representatives from Tokyo University of the Arts and Takaoka City, as well as cast metal and carving artisans, the tour visited metal casting companies that are growing by incorporating the latest 3D printing technology.


   This tour was sponsored by the Council for the Promotion of Businesses and Creation of a Model to Stimulate Local Industry Using Takaoka City’s Metal Casting with Over 400 Years of History and Nanto City’s Carving with Over 600 Years of History, with planning cooperation by the FPCJ. Seven journalists participated in this press tour, from Colombia, China, France, Germany, and Vietnam.


Click here for further details on the tour

Click here for further details on the tour

Click here for a log of real-time Twitter updates from during the tour



Below are some of the articles and programs produced by the journalists based on this press tour.

Vietnam Television (Singapore/TV)

(1) Video  March 21, 2017



(2) Video  March 18, 2017

Nhật Bản tuyển dụng lao động phổ thông nước ngoài


China Radio International (China/Radio)

Article  April 7, 2017

日本利用3D"克隆"国宝 传统技艺在冲击中寻找出路


Xinhua News Agency (China/News agency)

Article  May 2, 2017


(Front image) photo by Mika Tanimoto (c)Mika Tanimoto

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