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Date : March 15, 2017

Video Report: Accepting Foreign Residents–Issues and Japan’s Choice (Mr. Saburo Takizawa, Chairman of the Board of the Japan Association for UNHCR)

post date : 2017.03.16

While the Japanese government is interested in bringing in “highly skilled foreign professionals,” it does not permit unskilled laborers. There has been growing debate about people from Asian countries applying for refugee status for economic reasons, and over the technical intern training program. With reports that the government intends to deal with Syrian refugees by taking in two to three hundred foreign students and their families over the next five years, interest is high in how these refugees and other foreign residents will be handled.


The FPCJ invited Mr. Saburo Takizawa, an expert on immigrant and refugee policy, a member of the Ministry of Justice Immigration Policy Discussion Panel, and Chairman of the Board of the Japan Association for UNHCR, to discuss Japan’s refugee policy, issues with accepting foreign residents, and future outlook.


The briefing had a total of 33 participants, including 8 journalists from Belgium, China, France, Germany, Singapore and USA.



- Distributed Material: Material (Japanese only)

- Date: March 15 (Wed), 2017

- Briefer: Mr. Saburo Takizawa, Chairman of the Board of the Japan Association for UNHCR

- Language: Japanese (with consecutive English interpretation)



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