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【News from the Japanese Archipelago】

post date : 2017.01.23

[Niigata City] International Exchange Concert by Young Musicians


In collaboration with the Swiss-based “Ayame Foundation” that supports music education, Niigata City will be holding an international exchange concert by young musicians. 


<Commemorative Concert for the 98th Anniversary of the Friendship between Japan and the Principality of Liechtenstein/ The 12th SWISS WEEK 2017 Mathis Bereuter Piano Recital>

   Date: March 18, 2017 (Sat) 15:00 Performer: Mathis Bereuter (from Germany)

<9th International Exchange Concert by Young Japanese and Korean Musicians 2017 “Baroque Trio”>

 Organizer: Young Japanese and Korean Musicians Exchange Committee 

  Date: March 26, 2017 (Sun) 15:00  Performers: HanNa Lee, Shio Ohshita, HyeonHo Jeon

■Venue: Niigata City Akiha Ward Cultural Center

■Tickets: General Admission 2,500 yen *A ticket for both performances is 4,000 yen (1,000 yen discount)

■Contact:  Niigata City Cultural Policy Division TEL:025-226-2565, FAX:025-230-0450




[Yamanashi Prefecture] ”Sports Camp Guide YAMANASHI, JAPAN ” Now Launched

We are happy to announce that our new sports camps website aimed at foreign athletes, ”Sports Camp Guide Yamanashi, Japan ” was opened on January 19th, 2017. It can be accessed using the URL below. This homepage provides a wide range of information that will be necessary when choosing a location for sports camps, starting with summaries of the sports facilities in Yamanashi Prefecture, its location next to the Tokyo Metropolis, its brilliant nature, its fortunate weather, its support system and messages from top athletes who have links to the prefecture. We in Yamanashi Prefecture have created this website to provide more sports related information than ever before, and so we hope that you will keep it active, and use it often.


■ Website:
■ Facebook:
■ Language: Website: Japanese / English    

PDF data of each sports facility: English / Spanish / Portuguese

Digital pamphlet: Japanese / English / Spanish / Portuguese / French
■ Inquiry: Yamanashi Sports Camp Support Desk   

Yamanashi Pref. International Strategy Office: +81-(0)-55-223-1545




[Niigata City] The 4th Niigata City Study Abroad Students’ Promotion Video Contest Screening


This is a screening party for the videos that the study abroad students living in Niigata City have filmed in their native languages to introduce their favorite parts of Niigata City.We will screen the videos that the students made to spread the knowledge of Niigata’s charms to people in their home countries. The winning videos will be uploaded to the Niigata City Channel on the Niigata City homepage for all to see. Last year’s winners can be found here.


Time & DateFebruary 4th, 2017 (Sat.)    1-4pm

■ Place: CrossPal Niigata 

■ Contact: Niigata City Foreign Affairs Division TEL: 025-226-1677




[Chiba Prefecture] The 2020 Olympic Surfing Venue will be in Chiba!


The International Olympic Committee officially announced that the town of Ichinomiya’s Tsurigasaki Beach, located in southern Kujukuri, will be the venue for the first-ever official Olympic surfing competition as part of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Many national and international events have been held on Tsurigasaki Beach, and it is a favored location by many surfers. This event is in addition to the already three Olympic (Taekwondo, Fencing, and Wrestling) and four Paralympic (Wheelchair Fencing, Taekwondo, Goalball, and Sitting Volleyball) events scheduled to be held at Makuhari Messe. A total of eight events from the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in Chiba Prefecture.


■ URL:

■ Inquiries: Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Division    TEL:043-223-2428 FAX:043-225-4467 




[Kyoto City] The 25th Ethnic Culture Festival – Encounter and Exchange with the Deep Culture


At this festival, elementary and junior high school students of municipal schools and Korean schools in Kyoto will dance, sing and play instruments from overseas including South and North Korea on stage. Through this performance and exhibitions of artwork by the students, we hope visitors will learn about the diversity of different traditions and cultures, and to respect one another by appreciating each other’s value.


Time & Date: February 4, 2017 (Sat.) 1:30pm – 4pm

Place: Kyoto City Kuretake Culture Center


Inquiry: Kyoto City Board of Education, Curriculum and Counseling Department, School Guidance Section

  TEL 075-222-3815




[Kyoto City] Special Exhibition of Commercial & Technical Schools in the Modern Times of Kyoto


The population of Kyoto decreased on a massive scale due to upheaval at the end of the Edo Period and the start of the Meiji Period. In the early Meiji Period, Kyoto was revived through the strengths of human resources created through education, such as with the establishment of Bangumi Elementary School and then later with the striking development of commercial and technical schools. This exhibition features historical materials from some of the schools that supported the development of modern Kyoto, such as one of the commercial schools (now Nishikyo High School), as well as some of the technical schools (currently Rakuyo Technical High School, Fushimi Technical High School, and Kyoto Kogakuin High School), revealing a look at what schools and students were like during this period.   


Opening Period: Sat. December 17, 2016 – Tues. March 14, 2017

Venue & Inquiry: Kyoto Municipal Museum of School History (TEL: 075-344-1305)

For more information: (Japanese only)




[Kyoto City] Announcing the launch of the Clematis Website, a place to search for Kyoto Visitor Hosts-Kyoto City Certified Interpreter Guides 


In December of 2015, Kyoto City and the Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau started an educational program to prepare individuals to become Kyoto certified interpreter guides called Kyoto Visitor Hosts, who can convey in a foreign language the deeper meanings of the many attractions within Kyoto City. In September of 2016, a website called Clematis was launched for overseas tourists and tourism operators to search for available Kyoto Visitor Hosts. On the website, you can search by date and preferred language and receive results with guides that match your needs. The website also allows you to directly contact and consult guides directly with any questions you might have.



Inquiries: Kyoto City Industry and Tourism Bureau, Tourism and MICE Promotion Office Tel:075-746-2255




[Kyoto City] Kyoto Marathon 2017  ~Whether you run, cheer, or support- you play a leading role!~ 



Kyoto City, named the World’s Best City for a second consecutive year in 2015 by Travel+Leisure the globally influential magazine, will host the 6th Kyoto Marathon 2017 on Sunday February 19, 2017. Out of the 16,000 runners anticipated for the Kyoto Marathon, over 2,000 are runners from overseas.  *The Kyoto Marathon is very excited to announce that 2012 Nobel Prize-winner in Physiology or Medicine, Kyoto University Professor Shinya Yamanaka will run in the race as a Cheering Ambassador.


Date and Time: Sunday February 19, 2017*  *No postponement for rain

For Details: Please see the official website

For Inquiries: Kyoto Marathon Executive Committee Office (Culture and Citizens Affairs Bureau, Sports Promotion Office) TEL:075-366-0314 FAX:075-213-3367




 [Chiba Prefecture] A New type berry, the “CHI-BA+BERRY”


“CHI-BA+BERRY” is a new strain of strawberry, which Chiba Prefecture has had under development for a long time. “CHI-BA+BERRY” is large, sweet, juicy, and has a slight tanginess that makes it just right. The new berry also has a high resistance to the major strawberry fungal disease known as “powdery mildew.” The “CHI-BA+BERRY” is now being produced on about 50 strawberry farms across Chiba Prefecture. Strawberry picking, where you can pick the sweet and ripe “CHI-BA+BERRY,” can be enjoyed starting from January and through the spring.


■ Major strawberry picking farms (Japanese only)


■ Contact: Chiba Prefecture Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department, 

Distribution and Marketing Division     TEL 043-223-2963  FAX:043-227-8307




[Kyoto City] Kyoto Arts and Culture Foundation Art Competition “Geibunkyo-ten 2017” Exhibition


The Kyoto Arts and Culture Foundation every year hosts the Geibunkyo-ten exhibition which is an art competition planned in partnership with outstanding artists from around the country. The 3rd year of this competition will feature writing from calligraphy to typography, targeting the whole of arts related to writing and letters/characters. Judging will be focused on formative art and originality of the artist’s point of view. Selected entrees will be displayed in the exhibition, and examiners will judge each entry displayed at the Kyoto Art Center during the exhibition.


■ Exhibition Period: January 15 (Sun) – February 11, 2017 (Sat/ National Holiday)*

10am -8pm  *Open every day during the exhibition period.

■ Location: Kyoto Art Center 

■ For Inquiries: Kyoto Arts and Culture Foundation TEL: 075-213-1003  (Japanese only)

Kyoto City Culture and Citizens Affairs Bureau, Culture and Arts Planning Section TEL: 075-366-0033



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