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【News from the Japanese Archipelago】

post date : 2018.06.12

[Chiba Prefecture] Ladybugs as Pest Control


Plant diseases and pest control present big challenges for farming families in Chiba, the nation’s leading prefecture for agricultural.

The Chiba Prefecture Agricultural Collage, based on research from prefectural high school students, developed a technology for pest control using ladybugs and has started to market the technology.

The process consists of propagating ladybugs, using resin on their wings to make them temporarily flightless, and releasing them into agricultural fields. As they prey on aphids, the aphids are naturally exterminated from the fields. The resin wears off in approximately two months and the ladybugs, able to fly again, return to nature which means the technology ecologically conscientious.

Furthermore, combining insects with microbial insecticide, the Collage has also developed a new technology in which insects themselves deliver insecticides.

Responding to the expectations of local farmers, Chiba Prefecture is promoting the development of safe pest control that is neither hazardous to agricultural products or to peoples’ health.




Chiba Prefecture Agricultural Collage    0475-52-5121

International Affairs Division,Chiba Prefecture   043-223-2436

[Chiba Prefecture] Study Abroad Students and Foreign Residents Appointed as “CHI-BA+KUN Ambassadors”

Twenty foreign exchange students and residents, from different areas of Chiba Prefecture, representing 10 countries will officially be appointed as Ambassadors this year. The CHI-BA+KUN Ambassadors promote Chiba Prefecture’s many attractions—tourist spots, delicious cuisine, and the cultural differences they experience in Chiba—in their native languages through blogs and other social media.
The project began in 2011. You can read more about the CHI-BA+KUN Ambassadors on Chiba Prefecture’s website.
*The official program name for the “CHI-BA+KUN Ambassadors” is the “Ambassadors to Spread Chiba Prefecture’s Charm to the World Together with CHI-BA+KUN”
Appointment Ceremony (* Press only)
Date: Tuesday June 12, 2018, 11:10-12:00
Place: Chiba Prefectural Auditorium (1st floor)
(1-1 Ichibacho, Chuo-ku, Chiba City)
◇ Ambassadors’ home country/area (number of people)
  China (4), USA (4), Vietnam (3), Indonesia (2), Taiwan (2), Nepal (1),
Sri Lanka (1), Thailand (1), Korea (1), Russia (1)


◇ Inquiries:
Chiba Prefecture, International Affairs Division
TEL: 043-223-2436 E-mail:


【Kyoto City】“Kyoto Ikebana Presentation 2018” will be held!


It is a festival to transmit the enjoyment of Ikebana.* Under the theme of “Ikebana is great!,” programs such as an exhibition of Ikebana created by 34 schools of Ikebana, a talk, demonstration, lectures, hands-on workshops, etc. are scheduled.


*Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement.


Date: 2-3 June, 2018, 10:00-20:00 (until 18:00 on 3 June)

Venue: Japanese-Style Hall, Auditorium, and Multi-purpose Hall etc., Kyoto Art Center

Admission: Free (charges and advance booking are required for some workshops)




Inquiry: Kyoto Arts and Culture Foundation(in Kyoto Art Center)



【Kyoto City】 Exhibition “Tips” will be held!

It is a group exhibition by five young artists, Kosuke Ikeda, Takuya Kumagai, Kazumichi Komatsu, Arata Mino and Naoki Miyasaka, focused on small “tips” on techniques used in installation art.


Date:1 June - 16 July, 2018

Time:10:00 - 20:00 *close at 17:00 on 14-16 July

Venue:North and South Galleries, Kyoto Art Center

Artists:Kosuke Ikeda, Takuya Kumagai, Kazumichi Komatsu, Arata Mino, Naoki Miyasaka


Inquiry:Kyoto Art Center TEL:075-213-1000 FAX:075-213-1004


【Kyoto City】 Exhibition “New Mutation – Transform, Progress and Deepen” (~ May 27, 2018)


An exhibition called “New Mutation” will be held to showcase artworks created by young artists who are studying at or graduated from art universities in Kansai.

This time works by Takumi Kato (paintings), Akane Saijo (pottery), Sae Takahata (installations) will be exhibited.


Date & Time: April 14 - May 27, 2018, 10:00-20:00 (open every day)

Venue: North and South Galleries, Kyoto Art Center

Admission: free


Inquiry: Kyoto Art Center

TEL: 075-213-1000  FAX: 075-213-1004  Email:


【Kyoto City】  The 69th Kyoto Takigi-noh: Tragic Hero, the life of Minamoto no Yoshitsune will be performed!


Co-hosted by Kyoto City and the Kyoto Noh Association, Kyoto Takigi-noh started in 1950 and it has become one of the beloved annual events which colors an early summer of Kyoto. Bonfires in the twilight shed a light on the vermillion sanctuary of Heian Jingu Shrine, and a Noh stage set up for the event emerges out of the darkness. This production offers a superb combination of Noh and Kyogen performances by schools as Kanze, Kongou, and Ohkura and it will make you fully intoxicated in a Japanese artistic world of subtlety and delicate beauty.


Date: 1st and 2nd June, 2018

Time:18:00-20:45 (gate opens at 17:00)

Venue: Noh stage at Heian Jingu Shrine   (In case of rain: Main Hall, Rohm Theatre Kyoto)

Official website:

Inquiry: Kyoto Takigi-noh Office:

075-754-0331 (9:00-17:00, Tue-Sun)

【Kawasaki City】Photography by Okamoto Taro: For the sake of thought (~ Sunday, July 1,2018)


 In addition to being one of the most prominent artists of Post-World War II Japan, Taro Okamoto also took a wide variety of photographs.


The photographs taken by Okamoto feature the reality of the postwar aftermath and the quest to reestablish the origins of Japan. The images of children, landscapes, houses, festivals, animals, gardens and boundaries are presented through Okamoto's artistic interpretation and often express emotions that cannot be conveyed with words. This exhibition was created to display his key photographs which feature images and motifs he developed, and to understand his focal points. In doing so, the viewer is able to experience the essence of Okamoto's unique style and artistic talents in a different media.


Dates:  ~ Sunday, July 1,2018

Location:  Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki


Inquiry:  Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki Tel: 044-900-9898


【Yamanashi Prefecture】The Charms of Yamanashi – Digital Booklets Available Now on Prefectural Homepage


In order to spread word of the many local charms of Yamanashi Prefecture, we have dedicated a section of the prefecture’s homepage to a series of digital booklets uncovering the roots of these charms. For those hoping to learn more about the hidden secrets of the prefecture, the first two digital booklets have been made available in English: Colorful Landscapes: Yamanashi Flowers and The Insider’s Guide: Proud to be in Yamanashi.


We hope you enjoy. Links are included below.


  • The Insider’s Guide: Proud to be in Yamanashi

Detailing lesser-known facts about the prefecture and coupled with pictures and explanations that make for a fun read!


  • Colorful Landscapes: Yamanashi Flowers

Introducing the landscapes and flowers of the prefecture in cooperation with regions across the prefecture.


English URL:

Japanese URL:


Questions? Contact Us: 055-223-1337


Yamanashi Prefecture

Strategic Policy Planning Department

Public Relations Division

【Kyoto City】 Accepting an artist from Paris City


This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Paris-Kyoto Friendship Agreement. Commemorating this anniversary year, Kyoto City has welcomed Ms. Linda Ouhbi, a French artist dispatched from Paris City, in the beginning of April as a part of cultural exchange project between Paris and Kyoto. Currently, she is based in the Kiyomizu-yaki estate* interacting with local ceramic artists and is engaged in her creative activities. She is scheduled to stay in Kyoto until the beginning of June.

Paris City selects one city as a partner city every year to send an artist to interact with local artists and craftspeople in order to advance creative activities and develop business in both cities.

Kyoto City hopes Ms. Linda Ouhbi has various cultural experiences in Kyoto including Kiyomizu-yaki during her two months stay and be a big fan of Kyoto. We also hope that after returning to France, she will help further strengthen the bond between Paris and Kyoto as well as France and Japan by transmitting her experiences in Kyoto to her family and friends.


*It is an industrial estate where Kiyomizu-yaki pottery producers and ceramic artists reside. 



Kyoto City International Relations Office TEL:075-222-3072 



【Kyoto City 】Sujin shinmachi - a popular facility opened in February 2018 at 5 mins walking distance in the east to Kyoto Station

Food stalls at Sujin shinmachi offer a variety of food and beverages including typical stall food such as yakitori (grilled chicken), kushiage (deep-fried vegetables and meat on skewers), and horumonyaki (grilled beef and pork offal). They also offer food such as hamburgers and hotdogs, which are familiar to overseas visitors, as well as beverages such as local sake, craft beer and coffee, etc. One of the shopping booths provide a kimono rental service so that you can enjoy the food stalls and also sightseeing in kimono. There are 15 shops at Sujin shinmachi and they give you opportunities to have fun day and night.


■ Opening Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. (Food stalls open at 11:00 a.m.)


■ Website:


■ Inquiry: Sujin-Shinmachi Office:075-708-2985

Chiba PrefectureRegistration Now Open for ‟Chiba Aqualine Marathon 2018!”


Chiba Prefecture will hold the “Chiba Aqualine Marathon 2018”on Sunday, October 21, 2018. As part of the course, runners will cross over the “Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line.”

The “Chiba Aqualine Marathon 2018” aims to be memorable event for all those involved including runners, onlookers, and volunteers by creating a chance for people from both inside and outside Japan to experience Chiba hospitality and attractions.  

Applications will be accepted online from Friday, April 13 at 12:00 pm to Tuesday, May 8 at 5:00 pm.

We are expecting many entries!


■ Official Home Page



Simplified Chinese:

Traditional Chinese:


■ Inquiries

Chiba Aqualine Marathon Planning Committee Office

Telephone: 043-223-4107  E-mail:


In Kyoto City, a new lodging tax will be implemented starting October 1, 2018

In order to increase the attractiveness of Kyoto City as an international tourism destination and to plan the further promotion of tourism, Kyoto City will impose a lodging tax on all guests staying within Kyoto City limits starting on October 1, 2018.
The municipality plans to use the tax revenue to conduct a more balanced method of city planning to make Kyoto both a favorable place to live and to visit.


■ Outline of Lodging Tax System
Purpose This measure is to gather funds necessary to plan tourism promotions and to help increase Kyoto’s attractiveness as an international tourism destination.
Payment Method All persons staying in lodging facilities within Kyoto City limits will pay the lodging tax (with their lodging fee) to the operator of the facility, then the operator will pay these fees to Kyoto City.
Tax Rates Lodging fee per person per night
・Less than 20,000 JPY        200 JPY
・From 20,000 JPY to 49,999 JPY   500 JPY
・More than 50,000 JPY       1,000 JPY


■For more details please visit the Kyoto City Website:

■For Inquiries:
Tax Section, Tax Department,
Kyoto City Administration & Finance Bureau
Tel: 075-213-5200





The 7th Sendai International Music Competition is scheduled to be held in May and June 2019


The Sendai International Music Competition was established by the City of Sendai in 2001 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the foundation of the city. The Competition consists of two sections, piano and violin, and is highly unique in that it designates the concerto as the center of repertoire. Since 2005, the Competition has been a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions and has a high reputation for being the first step to a successful career for young musicians.


Competition Dates
Piano Section: Saturday, May 25, 2019 - Sunday, June 9, 2019
Violin Section: Saturday, June 15, 2019 - Sunday, June 30, 2019


Hitachi Systems Hall Sendai (Sendai City Youth Cultural Center)


Our Jury is made up of 22 international musicians and educators, to provide rigorous adjudication.
Piano Section Jury
Chairperson: NOJIMA Minoru (JPN)
Vice-Chairpersons: UEDA Katsumi, Matti RAEKALLIO (FIN)
Members: Michel BÉROFF (FRA), Andrea BONATTA (ITA), Richard DYER (USA), Vadym KHOLODENKO (UKR), KIM Daejin (KOR), NODAIRA Ichiro (JPN), Michael SCHÄFER (GER), Oxana YABLONSKAYA (USA/ISR)
Violin Section Jury
Chairperson: HORIGOME Yuzuko (JPN)
Vice-Chairpersons: HORI Masafumi (JPN), Boris BELKIN (BEL)
Members: Olivier CHARLIER (FRA), Rodney FRIEND (GBR), KATO Tomoko (JPN), Younguck KIM (USA), Cho-Liang LIN (USA), Joel SMIRNOFF (USA), Isabelle VAN KEULEN (NED), and one other (11 total)


Application Period: From June 14, 2018 through November 14, 2018
Eligibility: Open to candidates of all nationalities born on or after January 1, 1991.


Sendai International Music Competition Organizing Committee, City of Sendai, Sendai Cultural Foundation


For Inquiries
Secretariat of Sendai International Music Competition
3-27-5 Asahigaoka, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyai Pref., 981-0904 Japan
(Hitachi Systems Hall Sendai)
TEL: (+81) 22-727-1872 E-mail:
Official website:


Niigata City 】26th Annual Shoku no Jin Food Festival

Three Days of Niigata’s Most Delicious Foods in One Place


For the three days of this year’s Shoku no Jin Food Festival, approximately 80 restaurants will be serving an array of fan favorites such as sushi, sake, and other dishes that Niigata prides itself on. The Shoku no Jin Food Festival is a part of the bigger Niigata Winter Shoku no Jin (Food Campaign). All winter long, participating eateries around the city serve special dishes for the campaign at their restaurants and then bring them, along with other dishes, to one of the locations of this 3-day festival.


◆When: Saturday, February 10– Monday, February 12, 2018

10am – 5pm* (Monday until 4pm*)
*While supplies last

◆Where: 1. Furumachi Mall (5, 6, & 7 Bancho)
               2. Bandai City Park (Bandai City Bus Center Building 2nd fl)
               3. Niigata Furusato Mura



Niigata City Tourism and International Affairs Department Tourism Policy Division

TEL: 025-226-2608


*See the event website for more details.

(URL) (Website available in Japanese only)


【Kyoto City】Traditional Industry Day

In Kyoto City the vernal equinox has been designated as Traditional Industry Day, and in 2018 there are various events planned around this day. Please see event information published in guidebooks, which are also available online in available digital form.


Major Events

Kimono de Odekake- Excursions in Kimono

March 1 – 31, 2018

Free entry

People wearing kimono can enter various cultural and sightseeing facilities for free (coupons provided in guidebooks are required for free entry).


Traditional Industry Day at Miyako Messe

March 17-18, 2018

Free entry 

Exhibition of works, sales, demonstrations, and hands-on experience are all available during this period.


Kimono de Irodori-Concert- Colorful Concert in Kimono

March 21, 2018

General Admission 4,000yen

This event is being held so that concertgoers can enjoy music in kimono. On the day of the event if you are dressed in kimono you will receive 2,000yen cashback and a 1,000yen voucher for concessions at the concert.


Traditional Industries of Kyoto website:


For Inquiries:

Kyoto City Industry and Tourism Bureau, Commerce and Industry Department, Traditional Industries Section

Tel: 075-222-3337


【Kyoto City】Kyoto Marathon 2018 (Sun. February 18, 2018   No postponement for rain)

                      Whether you run, cheer, or support- you play a leading role!


16,000 runners will start the Kyoto Marathon 2018 race from the Nishikyogoku Athletic Park traveling around a course designed to give runners a sense of the city’s scenic beauty while passing by some of Kyoto’s most famous sightseeing spots, including 7 World Heritage Sites, before finishing at Heian-jingu Shrine.


On Fri. February 16 and Sat. February 17, 2018, the Okoshiyasu Welcome Square will be open to the general public for everyone to enjoy (free entry), featuring booths from Kyoto Marathon sponsors, along with stalls selling food from famous eateries, and tea ceremony seatings.


■For details, please visit the official website:

■For Inquiries: Kyoto Marathon Executive Committee Office

         (Kyoto City Culture and Citizens Affairs Bureau, Sports Promotion Office) 

           Tel: 075-366-0314 Fax: 075-213-3367




【Kawasaki City】Opening of the Kawasaki International Eco-Tech Fair 2018! (Feb. 1st, 2nd)


We are pleased to announce that Kawasaki city will host “Kawasaki International Eco-Tech Fair 2018”, with the goal of spreading awareness throughout the global community regarding the world-class environmental technology possessed by its businesses/other organizations and helping to open new markets/sales channels for exhibitors and visitors while serving as a unique networking opportunity for all involved. As well as booths from both national and international companies and businesses, there will also be a variety of events such as a panel discussion with simultaneous interpretation to commemorate the 10th anniversary of this event, and an exhibition etc. featuring the “De Lorean” from the “Back to the Future” franchise.


■ Date and Time:  February 1st (Thurs), 2nd (Fri) 2018

■ Venue:  Todoroki Arena, Kawasaki City (1-3, Todoroki, Nakahara Ward)

■ Details:

■ Point of Contact:  Kawasaki International Eco-Tech Fair Organizing Committee Secretariat (c/o International Economic Affairs Office, Economic and Labor Affairs Bureau, Kawasaki City)

Tel: 044-200-2313  Fax: 044-200-3920



Guided walking tour of the neighborhood surrounding the Kyoto Imperial Palace

& local traditional craft workshops in English


As you walk on this guided tour through the neighborhood surrounding the Kyoto Imperial Palace discovering hints of the remaining old townscape lined with Kyo-machiya houses, shrines, and Jizo statues, you will visit some of the area’s many traditional workshops and stores allowing you to experience the daily mix of the old capital’s over 1,000-year history with its modern culture. This tour will fill you with memories of Kyoto’s resounding traditional culture.


Dates: Every week on Tuesday & Friday, starts at 9 am (approx. 90min)

Tour cost: 2,000 JPY (1,500 JPY for guests staying at Noku Kyoto) 

       *Age restriction: participants should be over 10 years of age

For reservations: Please contact the Noku Kyoto concierge desk directly 

                         (Noku Kyoto guests can make advance reservations)



Guided walking tour of the neighborhood around the Furokawacho Shopping Arcade in English


First you will eat breakfast together, then walk around in taking in the tranquil morning atmosphere and seeing the sights around the Furokawa Shopping Arcade, including the Shirakawa neighborhood, Awata Shrine, Chion-in Temple, and more. This guided tour will give you an opportunity to experience daily life in Kyoto and have friendly exchanges with neighborhood residents.


Dates: Every week on Thursday, starts at 8:30am (approx. 2.5 hours)

Tour cost: 2,800 JPY (breakfast included)

                   *Age restriction: participants should be over 6 years of age

For reservations: Please contact the Furokawacho Shopping Arcade directly (102 Furokawa-cho, 102 Old River)



Nijo-jo Castle Guided Tour in English

This tour will help you deepen your understanding of Nijo-jo Castle’s history and cultural properties, along with the various historical figures connected to the castle.  In easy to understand English, the Nijo-jo Castle guided tour offers you insider’s access by allowing you to view areas not generally open to the public. 


Dates: Every day*, starts at 10am or at 12:30pm (approx. 90min)

    *In July, August, December, January tours are only on Tuesday

        *No tours during the New Year’s holiday period December 26 - January 4

Tour cost: 2,000 JPY (Admission fee to Nijo-jo Castle is required)

For details:

For same-day reservations: please visit the Nijo-jo Castle Tour Ticket Booth

                                         *private tours are available

For Inquires: please contact MYK Enterprise at


26th Minzoku no Bunka ni Furerutsudoi: Encounters and Exchanges with Rich Cultural Traditions



As part of international understanding activities, schools located within Kyoto City will hold an afternoon of performances, including music, featuring the traditions of various ethnic groups in the hopes that through the appreciation of these performances the audience will have the opportunity to learn more about the diversity of different cultures and traditions, thus growing to respect the value of each.


Date: Sat. February 3, 2018, 1:30 - 3:45pm* (Doors open at 1pm)
*Times are approximated; actual times may vary depending on performances

Location: Kyoto City Kuretake Culture Center (35-1 Kyomachi Minami 7-chome, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto)



Please contact the person in charge of human rights education at,
Tel: 075-222-3815 Fax: 075-231-3117
School Guidance Section, Curriculum and Counseling Department,
Kyoto City Board of Education


Kyoto City Graph 2017 English Language Issue!
Introducing the charms of Kyoto not seen in tourism pamphlets


Kyoto City Graph is a photography based publication which centers on using photos evocative of Kyoto to convey the city’s charm. The theme for this issue is Kyoto Culture and its Power Connection, and it is further divided into 4 sections: art, technique, creation, and town. Photographs, such as the one of local people taking a shortcut through the grounds of a traditional temple complex, will give you a view of the Kyoto not normally seen in pamphlets.


Office of the Mayor, Kyoto City General Planning Bureau 075-222-3094
(public relations contact person)


[Kawasaki City] Taro Okamoto and the development of Media Art: featuring works by Katsuhiro Yamaguchi


After World War II, Okamoto did not merely limit his artistic expression to paintings; he also began to explore a variety of mediums in which to present his artistic expression. Katsuhiro Yamaguchi, who embraced Okamoto’s philosophies, also made a great contribution in establishing the concept of media art. This exhibition, in addition to displaying Okamoto and Yamaguchi’s work, is set to introduce the works of ten contemporary artists who have played active roles in creating media art inspired by Okamoto and Yamaguchi’s great efforts.


Dates:   ~ Sunday, January 28,2018

Location:  Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki


Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki Tel: 044-900-9898




[Kyoto City] The 3rd Kyoto Meat Festival - festival promoting Kyoto Meats


In order to promote the use of local food stuffs and showcase the deliciousness of local Kyoto ingredients, Kyoto restaurants representing different cuisines, such as French, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese cooking, will offer original dishes to be served only on the day of the festival using ingredients from around Kyoto Prefecture, including beef, pork, chicken, eggs, dairy products, vegetables, and more.


There will be a sales area along with an exchange area.


Although for the last 2 years the festival was held at the Kyoto City Hall Plaza, this year the 3rd Kyoto Meat Festival will be held at Okazaki Park just south of Heian-jingu Shrine.


Date: Sat. November 25 - Sun. November 26, 2017; 10am - 7pm

Okazaki Park

Website: Second Kyoto City Central Wholesale Market (in Japanese)


For Inquiries:

Sponsor: Executive Committee for the Kyoto Meat Festival- festival promoting Kyoto Meats

 (Secretariat at Evantail) Tel: 075-712-0750


Co-sponsor: Second Kyoto City Central Wholesale Mark    Tel: 075-681-5791



 [Kyoto City]  20th Anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol 

Opening of the Kyoto Conference on the Global Environment 2017 (KYOTO+20)


In order to mark the 20th anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol, the first international agreement on climate change in human history, Kyoto City in partnership with the City of Paris and ICLEI will host the Kyoto Conference on the Global Environment 2017 (KYOTO+20). We hope you will attend.


■ Date & Location: Sun. December 10, 2017 10am - 5:40pm    at the Kyoto International Conference Center

■ Program: Please visit the official website.

■ Maximum Number of Participants:    1,000 (Free of charge)*

   *Prior registration is required; participants are accepted in the order they register.

■ How to Register:

  Please use the following methods to register with the Secretariat of KYOTO+20.

・ Official Website:

・ Email Address:

・ FAX: 075-231-6354   ・ TEL: 075-231-6357

・ When you apply, please send the following information: your name, age category, postal code, address, phone number, fax number, email address, as well as the program times you wish to participate (morning plenary session, parallel sessions I, II, or III, and/or afternoon plenary session), and the number of people in your group.*

  *If you are applying for a group of people, please be aware you must apply for the same program items.

  *If you would like a sign language interpreter and/or notetaking, please indicate this at the time you apply.

■ Application Deadline:   Thur. November 30, 2017



[Kyoto City] Symposium- “One of Kyoto’s Treasures: Learn about the charms of bamboo forests and consider together the future of Kyoto’s bamboo forests”


An exhibition and presentation of case studies on utilizing bamboo resources, such as activities to clean up bamboo forests, a lecture on the appeal of using bamboo, Kyoto City activities to revitalize bamboo forests, and more. Kyoto is said to have the most beautiful bamboo forests in Japan. Let us focus on bamboo forests, one of Kyoto’s treasures. Won’t you join us to consider the future of Kyoto’s bamboo forests?


Date: Sun. December 10, 2017  1pm - 4pm
Location: Campus Plaza Kyoto - 4F, Lecture Room 3
For Inquiries & Applications to Participate*: Kyoto Itsudemo Call Center
(open every day from 8am – 9pm, Please be sure to dial the correct number)
Tel: 075-661-3755  Fax: 075-661-5855
*To apply please call during the application period and provide the event name, your name, your telephone number, and the number of people in your party.
Application period: Wed. November 8, 2017 – Tues. December 5, 2017. 



[Chiba Prefecture]  The site of the Jomon Era “Kasori Shell Mounds” has been

designated as a national “Special Historical Site”  


“Kasori Shell Mounds” (Chiba city), which shows people’s life and culture during the Jomon Era, are the first shell mounds in Japan to be designated as a national “Special Historical Site.” The Kasori Shell Mounds are a set of ruins from the mid to late Jomon Era (approx. 5,000 to 3,000 years ago) and among about 2,400 other Jomon Era ruins, they are known as one of the largest “Mura Shell Mounds.” Mura Shell Mounds commonly held the villages of ancient people. In the Chiba City Kasori Shell Mounds Site Museum, excavated cross-sections of the shell layer are exhibited using a special preserving method. The displays of Jomon pottery, stone tools, as well as animal, fish and human bones explain how people lived around Kasori shell mounds. A variety of programs including pottery making are offered on site. The Kasori Shell Museum welcomes you to experience the Jomon Era!


○Inquires:Chiba City Board of Education Office Lifelong Learning Department

Cultural Education and Properties Division





[Kyoto City] Pre-event of the 60th anniversary of the friendship agreement between Paris and Kyoto

Celebration of the 90th anniversary of the foundation of l’Institut français du Japon

Noh Play OMOKAGE - la femme et son ombre by Paul Claudel


Kyoto City will host a new Noh play called OMOKAGE which was adapted from the work La femme et son ombre by Paul Claudel in advance of the 60th anniversary celebration of the friendship agreement between Paris and Kyoto.


Paul Claudel was a playwright, well-known poet, and also a French ambassador (to Japan from 1921-1927). He also made a great contribution towards the founding of the Institut français du Japon- Kansai (formerly Kansai Nichifutsu Gakkan).


Claudel loved Japanese theater, especially kabuki, bunraku, and noh. During his term in Japan, he was tremendously active, and created the noh influenced La femme et son ombre which was performed by kabuki actor Nakamura Fukusuke V at the Imperial Theatre (Teikoku gekijo) in Tokyo.


In 2015 a translation of La femme et son ombre was discovered, and the Kongo Noh Theater company will perform this adaption in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the foundation of Institut français du Japon- Kansai, an organization which was greatly advocated for by Paul Claudel.


In this special year marking the lead up to the 60th anniversary of the friendship agreement between Paris and Kyoto, OMOKAGE, a play which symbolizes the cultural encounter between France and Japan will be enacted in Kyoto, a city loved by the poet/ambassador, in celebration of the friendship between the two countries.


 Date & Time: Sunday October 29, 2017- Starts at 4pm (doors open at 3:30pm)

 Venue: Kongo Nohgakudo Theatre (Karasuma-nakadachiuri, Kamigyo)

 Ticket Price: Front-row 8,000yen, Side-row 7,000yen, Mid-row & 2nd floor-seats 6,000yen, Student-seats 4,000yen *Reservations required

Ticket Sales:

-Kongo Nohgakudo official website: *available for 24-ho urs

-Kongo Theater Office Counter TEL: 075-441-7222, Open 9:00-17:00, closed on Monday* *Holidays periods may vary.

-Ticket PIA website: TEL: 0570-02-9999 (P-code: 480-219) 


 For Inquires:

Please contact Kongo Nohgakudo, TEL:075-441-7222 FAX:075-451-1008




[Kyoto City] Kyoto 2017 National Culture Exchange Conference on the Korean Embassies


In the Edo period based on invitations from the Tokugawa Shogunate, Korean Embassies were dispatched from the Joseon Kingdom. This year marks the 400th anniversary of the exchange of credentials at Fushimi-jo Castle. An application has been submitted to enter materials related to the Korean Embassies to the UNESCO's Memory of the World Register, and in order to gather attention to this, Kyoto City is hosting various events in places around the city, such as a keynote lecture, dance and drama production, and a parade reviving the procession of the Korean Embassy.


■ Date: Saturday November 18 - Sunday November 19, 2017   -Entry Fee: Free of charge

■ How to Participate: For Sat. November 18, 2017 an application is required (limited to 300 people)

■ Application Period: Fri. October 6 - Mon. November 6, 2017; please use the Kyoto Itsudemo Call Center to apply by telephone, FAX, or email.

・Kyoto Itsudemo Call Center TEL: 075-661-3755, FAX: 075-661-5855


■ Venues/ Opening Times

1) Rohm Theatre Kyoto: South Hall 14:00- 17:00  2) Kokoka Kyoto International Community House 10:00-16:00

■ Related website:

■ For Inquires: Kyoto 2017 National Culture Exchange Conference on the Korean Embassies Executive Committee (Secretariat: Kyoto City International Relations Office, Tel: 075-222-3072)



[Kyoto City] City of Kyoto tries to reach the millennial generations abroad with striking videos


White faced performers called “HEISEI-KIZOKU” are seen in both traditional/contemporary Kyoto scenery, expressing Kyotoites’ unique lifestyle through animated dance


Details:, (30sec.) press release:


Contact: Rie Doi(Ms)
City of Kyoto Phone +81 75 222 3094 Fax +81 75 213-0286


[Nara Prefecture] 32nd National Culture Festival Nara 2017/17th National Arts and Cultural Festival for Persons with Disabilities 

People With and Without Disabilities Joining Together to Make the Event a Success!

Two of the largest events in Japan will be held simultaneously for the first time. The 32nd National Culture Festival Nara 2017 and the 17th National Arts and Cultural Festival for Persons with Disabilities will take place in Nara Prefecture from Friday, September 1 to Thursday, November 30. This event will consist of five major parts, as an integrated festival from the opening to the finale. It will include symposiums, such as a forum on the future of Nara and Japanese culture. There will be international events showcasing music, dancing, and cuisine from around the world, and seminars featuring food and fashion experiences. Through exhibitions, stage events, and film festivals, both people with and without disabilities will be able to have fun together. Every municipality in the prefecture will also be holding art and cultural events in eight different categories. By having people with and without disabilities spread new culture from Nara, we will promote the Nara brand as the origin of Japanese culture, leading up to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. During the same time, the Nara Arts Festival will also be held, with the motto “Energizing Nara with the power of culture!” It will collaborate with this integrated festival on events throughout the prefecture to make this fall season in Nara an exciting one. For details, see the website (, official guidebook, official Twitter account, Facebook, or Instagram [all Japanese only]!


Contact Information
National Cultural Festival Nara 2017 Planning Committee Office
Tel: 0742-27-8478



【Kawasaki City】Doraemon x CoroCoro Comic 40-Year Anniversary Exhibition! ~For Children and “Grown-up” Kids alike~

The magazine “CoroCoro Comic” was first published in 1977 by the Shogakukan Corporation, but it would never have come into creation if it weren’t for Doraemon. In order to commemorate the magazine’s 40-year anniversary, the Fujiko・F・Fujio Museum will look back over the history of Doraemon and CoroCoro Comic, exhibiting selected original drawings and also presenting the opinions/comments of different editors and assistants who have worked for the magazine. The Museum Café and the Shop will also offer various limited edition dishes and goods especially for this exhibition.


■ Dates: Saturday, July 8th 2017 ~ Monday, January 15th, 2018  ※tentative schedule
■ Location: Fujiko・F・Fujio Museum
■ Website:

■ Inquries: Fujiko・F ・Fujio Museum Tel: 0570-055-245
Citizens’ and Cultural Affairs Promotion Office, Citizens' and Cultural Affairs Bureau Tel: 044-200-3713

※ Visitors to the Fujiko・F・Fujio Museum must reserve tickets in advance for a designated date. Tickets are available at all LAWSON stores across Japan.




【Sendai City】Ruins of the Great East Japan Earthquake: Sendai Arahama Elementary School have been opened to the public.


It is Sendai city’s goal to never again let people fall victim to tsunami, to pass on the lessons we have learned, and to convey the real threat of tsunami to future generations. For these reasons, the ruins of the Arahama Elementary School building, along with other records, will be preserved, and opened to the public.


Please see the following websites for more information:


■Ruins of the Great East Japan Earthquake: Sendai Arahama Elementary School (SENDAI Towards a Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City Website)


■Ruins of the Great East Japan Earthquake: Sendai Arahama Elementary School (Sendai City Official Website)


■Brochure about Ruins of the Great East Japan Earthquake: Sendai Arahama Elementary School (PDF:1,487KB) (Sendai City Official Website)


○Inquiries: Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City Promotion Office, City of Sendai

Telephone: +81(0)22-214-8098

Fax: +81(0)22-214-8497



Chiba PrefectureA Digital Pamphlet for Visitors to Japan


Chiba Prefecture has made a digital pamphlet highlighting 30 travel routes and nearly 250 tourism sites within the prefecture that have been made popular through social media. Facing the Tokyo Olympic Paralympic Games and the growing number of tourists from abroad, the guide aims to increase tourism within the prefecture.


The pamphlet introduces a wide variety of popular locations within Chiba Prefecture including routes for Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and the surrounding area, Sawara City’s Edo Townscape, Katori-jingu Shrine, and routes filled with the nature wonders of Minamiboso.


  • The Digital Pamphlet can be found here:




  • Inquiries: Chiba Prefecture Tourism Planning Division

TEL: 043-223-2415 FAX: 043- 225-7345


【Sendai City】Sendai DRR Newsletter Vol.1&2 Has Been Issued.


Having experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake, Sendai City once again realized that cities are exposed to a variety of disaster threats. Based on the lessons learned from this disaster, The City of Sendai is proceeding to build a ‘Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City,’ which will be prepared for threats from future disasters and climate changes.

Sendai City issues a Sendai DRR Newsletter to share experiences and lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake experienced in Sendai and the Tohoku region, convey measures for preventing and mitigating disasters by various stakeholders, and introduce the initiatives that Sendai is implementing in its efforts to become a ‘Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City.’

You can find the first and the second edition of the newsletter below.


Please see the following websites for more information:


Newsletter Vol.1 (pdf file)

Newsletter Vol.2 (pdf file)

Towards a Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City


○Inquiries: Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City Promotion Office, City of Sendai
Telephone: +81(0)22-214-8098  Fax: +81(0)22-214-8497



【Chiba Prefecture】The Charm and Attraction of Chiba in Video


As the prefecture looks forward to the Tokyo Olympic Paralympic Games, Chiba Prefecture has released a second installment of the "Chiba Prefecture Image Enhancement Video" in an effort to increase the number of international tourists and entice international training camps to visit Chiba.


The video introduces the allure of Chiba Prefecture by expressing the seasonal wonders of the prefecture with dynamic aerial footage including the "2016 Chiba Aqualine Marathon" and "Byobuga-ura Cliffs."


Both the 30sec and 2min versions of the video can be found on the Chiba Prefecture Homepage.


○Chiba Prefecture Image Enhancement Video


○Inquiries: Chiba Prefecture Press and Public Relations Division  TEL: 043-223-2265  FAX :043-227-0146




【Kawasaki City】The Japan Open Air Folk House Museum introduces a multilingual audio guide 


The majority of houses on exhibit at the Japan Open Air Folk Museum were originally built around 200-300 years ago, seven houses of which are officially designated as “Important Cultural Properties”. On the s special occasion of the 50th anniversary, we launch a new smartphone app to act as an audio guide for visitors. By downloading this special app, you will be able to listen to an audio guide while viewing a layout map of the museum, precious older pictures, and check information regarding events. In addition to this app, please also refer to the brochures located in the museum, which are available in 10 different languages.


【Smartphone app】

■How to Use: Download the app for free at either the App Store or Google Play Store

■Languages Available: Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean


■Languages Available: Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), French, Korean, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Filipino, Thai (coming soon)   * You may download from the following website:


■ Inquiries: Japan Open Air Folk House Museum  TEL: 044-922-2181

■ Cultural Properties Section, Kawasaki City Board of Education  TEL: 044-200-3305

Official Website:




Chiba PrefectureDeveloped a new technology that makes it possible to determine the species of fish just by checking water


A research group based in the Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba, has developed a new technology that can determine fish species by analyzing a cup of water. This method analyzes environmental DNA, which is suspended in the water column and is released from fishes through mucus, feces, etc. This groundbreaking technique enables researchers to monitor a diverse range of fishes over a wide area in a short period of time without special knowledge on fishes in that area. Under traditional methods, such as observing fish by diving or catching them, it was impossible to achieve this kind of monitoring. By applying this technique, researchers are expected to discover more unknown fish species. For example, the research group has used this method to discover two new deep-sea fish species (known as Mirror Belly genus Monacoa) off the coast of Australia.


■ URL:  (Japanese)

■ Inquiry:Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba

■ Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences,

TEL:043-265-3111 (+81-43-265-3111)  E-mail :




【Yamanashi Prefecture】6th Issue of Local PR Magazine “Yamanashi Tekuteku” Released


6th issue of “Yamanashi Tekuteku” has been released to introduce unique local resources and various attractions and charms of Yamanashi Prefecture in depth. The theme of the 6th issue is “Great Politician: Takeda Shingen”, reporting on his excellent state management and the historical sites associated with him.  


■URL (information available in Japanese only)

■Inquiries: Yamanashi Prefectural Government Public Relations Division  055-223-1339




[Yamanashi Prefecture] ”Sports Camp Guide YAMANASHI, JAPAN ” Now Launched

We are happy to announce that our new sports camps website aimed at foreign athletes, ”Sports Camp Guide Yamanashi, Japan ” was opened on January 19th, 2017. It can be accessed using the URL below. This homepage provides a wide range of information that will be necessary when choosing a location for sports camps, starting with summaries of the sports facilities in Yamanashi Prefecture, its location next to the Tokyo Metropolis, its brilliant nature, its fortunate weather, its support system and messages from top athletes who have links to the prefecture. We in Yamanashi Prefecture have created this website to provide more sports related information than ever before, and so we hope that you will keep it active, and use it often.


■ Website:
■ Facebook:
■ Language: Website: Japanese / English    

PDF data of each sports facility: English / Spanish / Portuguese

Digital pamphlet: Japanese / English / Spanish / Portuguese / French
■ Inquiry: Yamanashi Sports Camp Support Desk   

Yamanashi Pref. International Strategy Office: +81-(0)-55-223-1545




[Chiba Prefecture] The 2020 Olympic Surfing Venue will be in Chiba!


The International Olympic Committee officially announced that the town of Ichinomiya’s Tsurigasaki Beach, located in southern Kujukuri, will be the venue for the first-ever official Olympic surfing competition as part of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Many national and international events have been held on Tsurigasaki Beach, and it is a favored location by many surfers. This event is in addition to the already three Olympic (Taekwondo, Fencing, and Wrestling) and four Paralympic (Wheelchair Fencing, Taekwondo, Goalball, and Sitting Volleyball) events scheduled to be held at Makuhari Messe. A total of eight events from the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in Chiba Prefecture.


■ URL:

■ Inquiries: Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Division    TEL:043-223-2428 FAX:043-225-4467 




[Kyoto City] Special Exhibition of Commercial & Technical Schools in the Modern Times of Kyoto


The population of Kyoto decreased on a massive scale due to upheaval at the end of the Edo Period and the start of the Meiji Period. In the early Meiji Period, Kyoto was revived through the strengths of human resources created through education, such as with the establishment of Bangumi Elementary School and then later with the striking development of commercial and technical schools. This exhibition features historical materials from some of the schools that supported the development of modern Kyoto, such as one of the commercial schools (now Nishikyo High School), as well as some of the technical schools (currently Rakuyo Technical High School, Fushimi Technical High School, and Kyoto Kogakuin High School), revealing a look at what schools and students were like during this period.   


Opening Period: Sat. December 17, 2016 – Tues. March 14, 2017

Venue & Inquiry: Kyoto Municipal Museum of School History (TEL: 075-344-1305)

For more information: (Japanese only)




[Kyoto City] Announcing the launch of the Clematis Website, a place to search for Kyoto Visitor Hosts-Kyoto City Certified Interpreter Guides 


In December of 2015, Kyoto City and the Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau started an educational program to prepare individuals to become Kyoto certified interpreter guides called Kyoto Visitor Hosts, who can convey in a foreign language the deeper meanings of the many attractions within Kyoto City. In September of 2016, a website called Clematis was launched for overseas tourists and tourism operators to search for available Kyoto Visitor Hosts. On the website, you can search by date and preferred language and receive results with guides that match your needs. The website also allows you to directly contact and consult guides directly with any questions you might have.



Inquiries: Kyoto City Industry and Tourism Bureau, Tourism and MICE Promotion Office Tel:075-746-2255





 [Chiba Prefecture] A New type berry, the “CHI-BA+BERRY”


“CHI-BA+BERRY” is a new strain of strawberry, which Chiba Prefecture has had under development for a long time. “CHI-BA+BERRY” is large, sweet, juicy, and has a slight tanginess that makes it just right. The new berry also has a high resistance to the major strawberry fungal disease known as “powdery mildew.” The “CHI-BA+BERRY” is now being produced on about 50 strawberry farms across Chiba Prefecture. Strawberry picking, where you can pick the sweet and ripe “CHI-BA+BERRY,” can be enjoyed starting from January and through the spring.


■ Major strawberry picking farms (Japanese only)


■ Contact: Chiba Prefecture Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department, 

Distribution and Marketing Division     TEL 043-223-2963  FAX:043-227-8307




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