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Date : January 27 - 29, 2016

News Reports by Participants: Press Tour to Hokkaido (Sapporo and Obihiro)

post date : 2016.04.18

 The FPCJ planned and operated a press tour to Sapporo and Obihiro in Hokkaido, hosts of the 2017 Asian Winter Games, sponsored by the 8th Sapporo Asian Winter Games Organising Committee. Thirteen journalists joined the press tour, from Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Spain, and the USA.

- More details on the tour available here

- Reports on the tour available here

- Click here for a log of real-time updates from during the tour


Below are some of the articles and programs produced by the journalists based on this press tour.


Yonhap News Agency (Korea/ News Agency)

[Article 1] January 28, 2016 

'골칫덩이'를 240만명 찾는 관광자원으로…日삿포로 눈축제


[Article 2] January 28, 2016

겨울 눈 저장해 봄에 냉방…日삿포로가 눈과 함께 사는 법


[Article 3] January 29, 2016

1개 51만원' 日홋카이도서 눈·온천수로 겨울망고 생산


[Video] January 30, 2016

 ‘폭설 대도시’ 삿포로의 남다른 제설대책



KBS (Korea/TV)

[Video] February 20, 2016

위기는 기회…“혹한은 천연자원”



SBS (Korea/TV)

[Video] February 1, 2016

골칫거리 눈이 에너지로…일본의 '기발한 활용법'



Prothom Alo (Bangladesh/Newspaper)

[Article 1] February 6, 2016

শীতের দিনে আম


[Article 2] February 7, 2016

Sapporo’s snow for economic benefits



24KZ (Kazakhstan/TV)

[Video 1] February 7, 2016

Жапонияда қар баламалы қуат көзіне айналуы мүмкін


[Video 1] February 7, 2016

Как в Саппоро снег стал ценным природным ресурсом


[Video 2] February 14, 2016

Жапония қысқы Азия ойындарына қызу дайындық үстінде


[Video 2] February 14, 2016

Япония готовится к проведению восьмых зимних Азиатских игр


[Video 3] March 4, 2016

Жапондық шаруалар қатаң бәсекелестікке дайындалуда


[Video 3] March 5, 2016

Транстихоокеанское партнерство – вызов для аграриев Японии



il sole 24 Ore (Italia/Newspaper・Web)

[Article 1] February 2, 2016

Sapporo: il Festival della neve è anche un’operazione militare


[Video] February 2, 2016

Sapporo: il Festival della neve è anche un’operazione militare


[Article 2] February 10, 2016

Hokkaido: le corse dei cavalli da tiro cercano il rilancio



EFE (Spain/News Agency)

[Article] April 14, 2016

En la isla japonesa de Hokkaido los mangos crecen en la nieve

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