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Ministry of the Environment, Japan

English version of Manga: Nasubi no Gimon—Food Edition is Available!


Press release
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English version of Manga: Nasubi no Gimon—Food Edition is Available, answering common questions about radiation and decontamination in detail using factual data

Thank you again for your kind support after the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011. After six years, people in the areas affected by this catastrophic event are working together for reconstruction and revitalization, as well as environmental remediation, along with the national, prefectural and local governments.


The Japanese Ministry of the Environment has been publicly communicating accurate information about Fukushima, including the progress of environmental remediation, facts about radiation, and the Interim Storage Facility for removed soil and waste.


As part of this initiative, the Ministry produced and distributes, in booklet form, a Japanese manga version of Nasubi no Gimon (Nasubi asks Questions in English)—a TV show that began in 2013 featuring Nasubi, a TV personality and actor from Fukushima Prefecture. In the manga version, Nasubi asks experts common questions about radiation and decontamination. The booklet provides those experts’ answers in detail containing factual data in an easy-to-understood manga format. The Ministry of the Environment is pleased to announce that the English version of Manga: Nasubi no Gimon—Food Edition, also in booklet form, is now ready for distribution to those who are interested (up to two copies per organization).


For details, visit the Ministry at:




- Name of publication: Manga: Nasubi no Gimon—Food Edition in English

- Overview of publication: In response to Nasubi’s questions about radiation and decontamination, experts explain in detail the steps being taken by farmers and governments to decontaminate farmland (e.g., rice paddies and orchards) and to ensure the safety of food (e.g., rice, fruit and milk).

- Publication format: B5; 34 pages

- Set price: Free of charge

- Issued: August 2017

- Interviewer: Nasubi, TV personality and actor from Fukushima Prefecture

- Supervisors: Ryota Koyama, Professor of Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Fukushima University; Hirofumi Tsukada, Professor of Institute of Environmental Radioactivity at Fukushima University

- Cooperation from: Environmental Regeneration Plaza


Note: This publication can be downloaded from the Ministry’s website:


For inquiries, contact:

Daisuke Uesako, Office for Decontamination of Radioactive Materials and International Cooperation, Environmental Regeneration and Material Cycles Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Japan

Phone: +81-3-3581-3351 (ex. 7512) Facsimile: +81-3-3581-3505  


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