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< Conference Room Currently Unavailable >

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we would like to ask everyone to refrain from using the conference room, in order to avoid participants gathering together in close quarters.Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The FPCJ Conference Room has 48 seats, and is available for press conferences by companies, organizations, and the government, as well as for seminars, meetings, and other events.

After reading the information below, use this this form to submit your application.

Fees (excluding consumption tax) as of June 20, 2018

<Conference Room (maximum of 48 seats)>

Size: 58.46 m2 (7.9 m x 7.4 m) / Ceiling height: 2.46 m

Available Times Standard Fees
9:30-17:30 30,000 yen (for up to 3 hours; 10,000 yen per hour for each additional hour)

※Fees include 20% corporate administrative operating expenses.
※Table and chair layout can be changed as necessary. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Conference room layout example

※Fees include use of the equipment listed below:

  Item Number
1 Chairs with foldable writing desk arm 48
2 Lectern 1
3 Stage (W3700 cm × D1400 cm × H300 cm) 1
4 Presenter table (seating for 1 to 5 people)
(W3600 cm × D600 cm × H750 cm)
5 80-inch manual pull down projector screen 1
6 LCD projector 1
7 Wireless microphones 3
8 Wired microphones 3
9 Microphone stand 1
10 Three-section partitions 2
11 Tables (seating for 1 to 3 people)
(W1800 cm × D450 cm)

Times Available for Booking

Monday to Friday (unavailable Saturday, Sunday, holidays, and around the New Year break)
9:30-17:30 (including preparations beforehand and cleaning up afterwards)


Read Before Submitting Application
  • - Depending on the purpose of use, applications may not be accepted (e.g. highly commercial, political or religious activities)
  • - Please call beforehand to confirm the availability of the conference room. Then, apply using the application form on the web site. A confirmation notice will be sent to you later.
Notes on Using the Room
  • - You may enter the conference room only within your reserved time slot
    ※You may not enter the conference room outside your reserved time slot. Please be aware that there is no space available for waiting.
  • - Preparations and cleaning up must be done within your reserved time slot
  • - Displaying the name, time, or other details of your event on the display in the first-floor lobby is not possible
  • - The FPCJ cannot receive deliveries of materials, drinks, etc. which you will be using, either on the same day or earlier. The FPCJ cannot store anything in advance, so bring whatever you need on the day you will be using the conference room.
  • - Please inform us of the number of participants by 17:30 two business days before your reservation
  • - A 100% cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations on the day prior to or on the scheduled day of use
  • - You may arrange the chairs and tables in the conference room as you wish
  • - Food and drinks are in general not allowed in the conference room (drinks in plastic bottles are allowed)
  • - Please take any garbage, such as leftover handouts or plastic bottles, with you when you leave
  • - Free WiFi is available for use
  • - No items other than those in the list above are available for rental
  • - No phone is available within the conference room. Please use your own mobile phone or other device.
  • - No smoking is allowed in the building. People who would like to smoke may use the smoking area on the first floor.
  • - Reimbursement will be required for any costs incurred due to damage, destruction, or loss of facilities or equipment.
  • - The FPCJ accepts no responsibility for any problems that may occur with valuables, so please handle them carefully

Contact Information

Foreign Press Center Japan (General Affairs and Accounting Division)
Tel: 03-3501-3404 (Monday to Friday, 9:30-17:30)
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