City of Kobe offers “KOBE Free Wi-Fi” service for non-Japanese tourists, the largest scale Wi-Fi service of its kind in Japan!

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post date:2014.07.24

写真 (1)As the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs has spread rapidly, the way that tourists access information while travelling is changing. As such, recently non-Japanese tourists are increasingly demanding better Wi-Fi access.


To meet these needs, the City of Kobe will provide over 3,000 “KOBE Free Wi-Fi” hotspots in main tourist areas and travel routes in the city starting from 31st July. (There are over 200,000 hotspots throughout Japan.)

This is the largest scale Wi-Fi service of its kind of any local government in Japan.


By offering this service, the city aims to make Kobe more user-friendly for non-Japanese tourists, as well as to further promote its inbound and MICE tourism.



How to use “KOBE Free Wi-Fi”

To use the service, please show your passport at the tourist information center, and you will be given a “KOBE Free Wi-Fi Card”. Using the ID and password on the card, you can access the service from your smartphone or tablet PC for 7 consecutive days starting from the first login. [Available to non-Japanese tourists only]




Tourism and Convention Division, Industrial Promotion Bureau, City of Kobe


※Please contact us in Japanese.

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