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Fukuoka Prize Committee



Press release
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July 25, 2018

Fukuoka City and the Fukuoka City International Foundation would like to invite the representatives of foreign media to a press tour in Fukuoka highlighting the Awards Ceremony and other official functions of the Fukuoka Prize, with a unique opportunity to cover Fukuoka’s various policies regarding Asia and its traditional cultures.

                                                                                                                                                                             ISEKAWA Yukimitsu

Fukuoka Prize Committee

1. Summary of Press Tour
1) Dates: Wednesday, September 19 - Sunday, September 23, 2018
2) Itinerary: See below
3) Number of journalists: one journalist per each organization
     The maximum number of journalists including other organizations is 12.
     *Please note that if the number of applications exceeds the maximum, some journalists will be unable to participate in the tour.
4) Condition for application: Journalists must cover the Fukuoka Prize at least twice before the end of October 2018.  Good command of English is required.
5) Expenses: Return flight ticket (economy class) to Fukuoka, Japan, and accommodation fees during stay in Fukuoka (from September 19 to 23) will be covered by the Committee. Please note that an English-language interpreter will accompany you throughout the tour.

2. How to Apply
To apply for this media event, please send an email to with your name, the name of your organization, your mobile phone number and your email address, or send the completed form below via fax by 5 p.m. JST, on Tuesday, August 7.
The secretariat will contact all applicants by Friday, August 10, with the outcome of their application.

3. Laureates of the Fukuoka Prize 2018
 - JIA Zhangke – Film Director from China – Grand Prize
 - SUEHIRO Akira – Economist, Expert in Area Studies (Thailand) from Japan – Academic Prize
 - Teejan Bai – Pandavani Performer from India – Arts and Culture Prize
Please check our website ( for more details about the laureates. 

FAX Application form (FAX: +81-92-735-4130)

Name of organization:
Name of applicant:     
Area of expertise :     
Mobile phone number:   
Email address: 

For further information: Secretariat of the Fukuoka Prize Committee (located in the International Affairs Dept. of Fukuoka City Government)
1-8-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, 810-8620
Tel: +81-92-711-4930 (Direct), Fax: +81-92-735-4130, Email:, URL:

Itinerary of FUKUOKA PRIZE 2018 Press Tour

Wed, Sep 19     
p.m.: Arrival in Fukuoka
Evening: Public Lecture by the laureate of the Grand Prize from China

Thurs, Sep 20   
a.m.: Mayor’s Presentation on Overview of Fukuoka City, Press Conference and Individual Interviews of the Laureates by Journalists
p.m.: Fukuoka City Tour
Evening: Fukuoka Prize 2018 Award Ceremony

Fri, Sep 21     
a.m. and/or p.m.:       
Accompanying the laureate of the Grand Prize to school for School Visit *
Accompanying the laureate of the Academic Prize to school for School Visit *
Accompanying the laureate of the Arts and Culture Prize to schools for School Visit *
 *Each journalist is supposed to cover one of the School Visits above.

p.m. and/or evening:   
Free Time for News Gathering Activities (after School Visit)

Sat, Sep 22     
a.m.: Public Lecture by the laureate of the Academic Prize from Japan
p.m.: Public Lecture by the laureate of the Arts and Culture Prize from India
Evening: Asian Party: The Creators

Sun, Sep 23     
a.m.: Departure from Fukuoka

1) Fukuoka Prize
Internationally recognized prize organized by Fukuoka City given to individual and/or group that contributed to preservation and creation of Asian cultures.
Established in 1990.  To date 112 individuals from 27 countries and regions have been selected.  

Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh and Mo Yan from China who went on to receiving Nobel Prizes have also been awarded in the past.
Prince and Princess Akishino have attended the Award Ceremony for 14 consecutive years.
Programs such as Public Lectures and School Visits offer Fukuoka citizens the opportunity to interact with the laureates.

2) Conditions
1. Journalists must cover the Fukuoka Prize at least twice before the end of October 2018.
2. Good command of English is required since English is the working language for the Press Tour.
3. While journalists must participate in “Fukuoka City Tour” with other journalists in the Press Tour, they are free to visit Fukuoka City and gather news items during “Free Time for News Gathering Activities.”
4. Please note the schedule above is subject to change. 
5. If a journalist likes to extend his/her stay in Fukuoka, s/he must pay expenses related to this such as hotel and meal.

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